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Glimfrost is a Moon Elf village located within Ravensong Forest, built in a canopy of giant silverwood trees with a wall ringing around it. Glimfrost is illuminated with green lanterns only craftable by Moon Elves. According to Runt, they have a bright glow.

The Elves had fled west however, just before the arrival of Runt and his crew due to a band of Kobolds descending from the mountains.

Inside the Village

The village is built suspended in the great trees and on a hill, with walkways connecting most of the houses. There is a great library with extensive knowledge.

An armor shop known as "The Unicorn" is also been located in the village. Although the merchandise had great enchantments, the shop appealed poorly to male customers due to the feminine armor. Runt and Stump described the shop as "Adding Efficiency X on a wooden pickaxe"

Runt and his group also encountered a Blockbird, who unbeknownst to them, is a quest mob that sings the password to a crypt when its nest is fixed. Ched has a quest related to this.