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Glorm is is one of the few Terrarians that chooses to play the game.

He is currently 30 years old.


Glorm uses an exquisitely crafted greatsword made of omnigold and gemstones, and has an extremely protective armor made of full gold. His eyes are glowing green.


Glorm's voice is metallic, and no emotion is shown.


Type Item Material Damage Speed Armor Enchants
Weapon Greatsword Omnigold and gemstones?
Secondary Gold Shield Gold
Head Gold Helm Gold
Torso Golden Chestplate Gold
Legs Gold Leggings Gold
Feet Gold Boots Gold
Hands Gold Gauntlets Gold
Cloak Dawnblaze Cloak Silver, Fire Elementium +10, Life +8 Magic Resistance V

Fire Resistance V

Pocket ll

Flame Wreath

Series Timeline

Pre-Crash: Glorm was a coder on the Aetheria Server, working under Entity.

Post-Crash and Pre-NK6: Becomes one of the few players who is “playing the game” at face value and manipulating NPCs and “players” into becoming involved in the overarching story/quest.

NK6: Defeats the Bramblemanes that casted the Rite of Awakening in The Halls of Agemmon, but failing to prevent the ritual from finishing. Tanks the Final Guardian until the Lost Legion arrives to summon Stompy, and draws the attention of the waves of monsters away from Stompy.


Image Gallery

Glorm's face close up