Gods/Immortals are the most significant people in Aetheria and have powers greater than most living beings. They are creators and destroyers. Here is a list of these beings.

Name Description
Entity303 The creator of the Aetheria Server. Has great powers. Currently imprisoned with huge chains by Herobrine's underlings. Entity is not omnipotent but could probably escape imprisonment if he tried. He is shocked that his creations came to life and depressed/confused that some of his creations would actually act in an evil fashion
Elune The Elven goddess. Has many powerful light based abilities. Currently across the sea.
Ao Ao is the dragon prince, so he is a master of fire. Has magnitudes of fire spells like Rage Of Ao. Currently sleeping below a huge mountain in a secret cave most mortals cannot reach.
Rend White Dragon. Unusually large and slender wings, along with a long, slender body, creates an unusual appearance for a dragon. (Not a "wyrm" -- possesses limbs.) Has been residing in the Silver Palace in Arcadia, where he has observed the war's development without much interest. --CK
Isollae Nymph. Also resides in the Silver Palace, observing the war's development with interest. Legends say she has influence on a Bard's ability to produce magical effects through songs. --CK
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