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Hurion Rubyshard, or simply Hurion, is a human male and member of the Lost Legion. As his name implies, he wields a ruby sword and dagger, as well as possessing a mostly red outfit. He, along with Leo and Lylla, are sent by Kolb to pick up Eeebs and take him to the Lost Keep. He is the oldest of the three who were sent. Whilst there, he angrily shoves a potion into the arms of an old villager, who blocks his path in anger due to them protecting Eeebs, who many of the people in Villagetown distrust. This immediately displays his quick temper and seriousness when it comes to obeying orders from both his commander and the mayor of Villagetown.
He owns a Wish Coin , which he uses in the Lost Keep during a clan meeting. He also participated in a play describing the humans and their arrival in Aetheria, playing himself. He isn’t seen when the play is interrupted by a attempted goblin assassin, who attempts to stab the mayor whilst he’s onstage. Hurion would later appear again however, during the battle against the Underlord, in which he assists in defeating several mobs. He remains behind whilst Drill, Kaeleb and Eeebs pursue some leftover pigmen into Tunnel 67, revealed to be the entrance of the dungeon Halls of Agemmon.

Hurion arrives, along with Kolb, Lyra, Leo and a few other Legionnaires, to assist Eeebs and the Crystal Owls in defeating the Red Wyrm and the various dungeon monsters. In pure desperation, he uses his Wish Coin to summon a kaiju, (whom Eeebs christens "Stompy"), who turns the battle in their favor by being more than a match for the Red Wyrm and its protectors. Hurion is last seen talking to Eeebs when he wakes up in the Lost Keep, alongside his best friends, Leo and Lylla.