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Ioae (Starts with i, eye-ō-we) was Ardenvell's largest island, located in the northeast corner of the continent, and was the homeland of the Dusk Elves. The island was invaded by the Eyeless One, so it's uncertain if anyone still inhabits it.

The City

Ioae was the political capitol of the Dusk Elf kingdom, home to the royal family and other figures, like the legendary smith Oaeo. Oaeo is a smith who created items made of bedrock and other items in the second great war.


Invasion by the Eyeless One

During the Invasion, countless Dusk Elves were killed, especially the nobles, including Alyss Nightcrest's Biological Father resulting in the belief that Alyss Nightcrest may be the highest-ranking Dusk Elf in Ardenvell. The island crumbled, much of it falling into the ocean. This was caused by the abuse of spells by the Eyeless One's minions, causing elemental instability. It is hinted that this specific event was caused by a powerful dark magic ritual, though it is not certain. Survivers sailed abroad to find places of refuge, such as Shadowbrook.