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Kaeleb is a Shinobi in the clan known as the Lost Legion. He sometimes serves as a scout, but no matter what he is a loyal Lost Legion Member. Although he is very loyal now, his past tells tale of a time when he wasn't so loyal. What Kaeleb does in the Lost Legion mainly consists of using his stealth abilities to the advantage of the legion, as well as being one of the top scouts (tied with Ched) and a Scout Captain. He uses his stealth and scouting abilities to help the legion in many ways, as well as directing the other scouts and going on stealth and scout missions regularly. He is noted to have been a significant member of the battle in WV16 for Villagetown.


Kae's suit is completely black, and he looks like Runt from 8BW3. Otherwise, he has brown hair and black eyes. Kae is never shown out of his armor.


Usually calm, however he staggered when he found out that Eeebs could learn monster abilities and teach them, too. He is shown as grim in battle, however he has a friendly personality.


Moonshine Sabers

Moonshine Sabers are a non-unique item, although a little rare to find. Their appearance is two diamond colored sabers, with only one sharp edge. The Moonshine Sabers in the daylight deal 6 damage (the same as iron) but in the nighttime they glow a brighter blue and deal double the damage they do in the daytime. This is because of their high-level Nightrend enchantment, which is level V(5).

Replenishing Shuriken

Iron shuriken dealing 8 damage and almost certainly enchanted with Boomerang.

Legion Shadow Suit

Presumably, this is the Legion's uniform for scouts. It includes a range of stealth-based enchantments such as Stealth I and Nightshift II (I on Shadow Mask, which, as well, has Night Eyes I and Resilience I). Strangely, it also includes the enchantment Replenish II, which increases your mana regeneration. The suit is very ninja-like, being painted black, as well as having a ninja hood for the headgear. It's crafted out of leather, however the full suit provides 10 armor. Kae also only wears the headpiece, torso piece, and legs piece. Consists of the Shadow Mask(head), Lost Legion Shadow Suit(U), Lost Legion Shadow Suit (L), and (based on the Battle Suit), the Ln. Shadow Boots, Ln. Shadow Sash, and the Ln. Shadow Gloves.

Enchanted Tabi

This is the first of Kae's unique items. They are black boots, crafted out of leather, and they provide 1 armor. They include the enchants Thaw III, preventing cold-based effects, and Tenacity I, reducing the duration of incoming status effects.

Kaeleb's character sheet

Nightshade Gloves

Also painted black and made of leather (all of Kae's gear is black and most of it is leather), these gloves are so named because they have a low-level status effect (as you can guess), Poison I, which lasts 5 seconds. They provide 1 armor.

Ln. Scouts Cloak

The scout edition of the Lost Legion's cloak, enchanted with Agility V, giving 1 armor, and crafted out of wool.

Eye of Ender Pendant

Presumably traded to him, as we don't know if he went to the End. As well as looking cool, it gives an ability boost to Track.

Sash of Stealth

A wool belt enchanted with Stealth III.

Enchanted Satchel

This is the 2nd item owned by Kae to have the "Enchanted" prefix, the first being his boots. Has Pocket II, so it contains 2 inventory slots, and is made of leather.

Ring of Strength

A silver ring enchanted with Strength II.

Lucky Band

A ring made out of an unknown material, enchanted with Karma V.

Table of Gear

Category Item Type Material Damage Speed Armor Enchants
Weapon Moonshine Saber Saber Diamond 6D, 12D at night 1.5 Nightrend V
Weapon Moonshine Saber Saber Diamond 6D, 12D at night 1.5 Nightrend V
Weapon Replenishing Shuriken Shuriken Iron 8D Boomerang I
Head Shadow Cowl Cowl Leather +3 Nightshift I

Night Eyes I

Resilience I

Torso Lost Legion Shadow Suit (U) Tunic Leather +3 Stealth I

Nightshift II

Replenish II

Legs Lost Legion Shadow Suit (L) Leggings Leather +3 Stealth I

Nightshift II

Replenish I

Feet Enchanted Tabi Shoes Leather +1 Thaw III

Tenacity I

Necklace Eye of Ender Pendant Necklace Eye of Ender Ability Boost: Track
Cloak Ln. Scouts Cloak Cloak Wool +1 Agility V
Gloves/Gauntlets Nightshade Gloves Gloves Leather +1 Poison I (5 seconds)
Belt Sash of Stealth Sash Wool Stealth III
Pouch Enchanted Satchel Pouch Leather Pocket II
Accessory Ring of Strength Ring Silver Strength II
Accessory Ring of Karma Ring Karma V


  • The name of Kae's boots, "tabi", translates to "journey" in Japanese.


"It's an acquired taste."

--Kae to Eeebs, about boags

"The Legion's stealth specialist and top Overworld scout."


Pre-crash, before Kae met Kolb, Kae was not an honorable legionnaire (for some of the time). Instead he was more of a mercenary, a sword for hire. He typically worked for information and emeralds, although it was never for any forces of Herobrine.

Usually the work Kae did would be for, as an example, some random elf who wanted some special arrows that could only be retrieved from a certain pigman: Kae would find the pigman’s base, dispose of the pigman and take the arrows back to the elf. And so his life in the Aetheria server went. Wash, rinse, repeat. He occasionally grouped up with players, as well as accepted quests from NPC's and ran dungeons commonly. A quite normal player, although a mercenary.

Every time he logged on he would have a new mission from usually a player, rarely NPCs. Although a mercenary, he was not some morbid sinister creep, he still worked only for good, he simply preferred to get paid to sneak around and didn't want any ties with clans or affiliations. He never killed unless it was some sort of a monster, not an NPC or another player, unless said player was evil.

During his time of being a mercenary, Kae came across a group of NPC Shinobi at an inn. They looked troubled, the perfect candidates for a possible secret quest. He asked one of the Shinobi if they needed any assistance. At first, the Shinobi all but ignored him and left the inn in a hurry. Using his stealth skills, Kae tracked the Shinobi to their dojo, not far from the inn. He stood at their door until finally one Shinobi came out of the dojo. He said they admired his tracking skill and would reward Kae greatly if he could find their missing sensei, who had been taken by a group of Pigman not long before. Long story short, Kae tracked the pigman all the way to their small camp, where they had the sensei tied up for questioning. The leader of the pigman was a very high level enemy clad in Endersteel, so a tough fight indeed. Kae decided to sneak around at first, observing the pigmen behavior until an opening popped up to free the tied up sensei. Kae chopped the sensei out of his ropes and acquired his (the sensei's) weapons to give back to the sensei. The two then sneakily by the cover of night silently took out the pigman leader before he woke up, due to the sensei and Kae's high level sneak attack abilities. Kae and the sensei then headed back to the dojo, where Kae was awarded a secret class known as Shinobi. After that experience, Kae went back to being a mercenary, although now a more effective one.

After living his life like this for a good amount of his time, up until he was around level 60, Kae met a certain leader of a clan called the Lost Legion, who went by the name of Kolbert. While on his way to somewhere that he had been promised a mission, Kae ran into a castle. The Lost Legions castle, to be exact. Thinking this was the place he was promised a mission, Kae approached the gates of the castle. On top of the wall stood two archers, Legendary bows drawn. The Archers asked him to state who he was and indeed he had come to the right place. As he entered the gate Kolb walked out to meet him. He stated that he did have a mission for him, and if he accepted and completed the task he would be given a good amount of emeralds. Or, he could join the Lost Legion. If he joined he would no longer need to earn emeralds, as all were shared among the legion and everybody got what they needed. The legion fought for honor and always had each other’s backs, Kolb had said.

Kae at first thanked him for the offer but refused. He accepted the task and completed it, but as he did it he realized that as he was now he had no purpose in the server. He had never wanted to join a clan, but as he watched the Legion function he decided to try it out and join. He went back to Kolb after completing the task and said he had changed his mind, that if they would have him, Kae would join. Kolbert gladly accepted and put Kae to work, going on many scouting missions and training newer recruits. Kae loved being in the Legion, and the honorable way of life so he stuck with it. Soon after joining he befriended Kolb and became one of his best friends.

Faolan, a Lupin and his other best friend.

On one scout mission, Kae came across a wandering Lupin named Faolan, skilled with Ice magic. The two were heading in the same direction so for a while the Lupin and the Human traveled together. Eventually Kae asked him if he wanted to join in the Lost Legion. Faolan turned the invite down, saying he had many things to do and lore to discover, but he agreed to stay in contact and tell Kaeleb much information about the wilds, what other clans where doing, and any info Kae needed while traveling. So, the two parted ways and met occasionally, whenever they came across each other.

Everything continued as normal until the crash. Kae logged onto Aetheria as the countdown until what some called “the end of the world” approached, to say one final goodbye to Kolb, Fao, and many of his friends. But as he got on, he couldn’t seem to find any of them. He met up with Faolan once more and said goodbye, but wanted to return to Earth to be with his family for his final moments. Just as he was about to log off, everything went black and he woke up on the beach by Dawnsbloom, with nothing in his inventory, and no class, abilities, or levels. Back to square one, all of his hard work erased.

Kae immediately attempted to log off but couldn’t, and looked around to see many more just as he was, standing up on the beach, without a single item. Soon after Kae could comprehend what had happened, he began to search for Kolbert. After a few days time, and after having gathered some basic items, he found Kolbert with around ten other former legion members, already beginning to build a new legion headquarters.

He and the legion spent the next months recovering their levels, classes, and castle. Kae without a doubt chose the Shinobi class again (after meeting up with the Shinobi, they remembered him and granted him the class) and gained back most of his levels, and finding more items to fit his class. After a long period of time the Legion had been restored to almost its former glory. Their castle had only recently been built, though, when Herobrine and his forces destroyed it. The legion wanted revenge, so after travelling for ages they found Villagetown, at first thinking it was Herobrine’s Castle. When it turned out to be what Kae and the others thought was a NPC village they did what they normally would, which is loot it. But when the humans realized the NPCs now actually had personalities and weren’t any longer just lines of code, they began to be a lot better to the village and stayed there, making it their home. After while of living there, a bunch of villagers left on a quest. While they were gone, Faolan turned up at the village, and they were reunited.