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The Knights of Aetheria (abbreviated to KoA) are a guild of warriors who serve the King himself. They appear to be one of the oldest guilds alive, with its creation dating back to the aftermath of the Second Great War.

Sir Elric Darkbane is the highest ranking member, the Flamebearer.


In order for someone to become an official member of The Knights of Aetheria, they must go on a quest to obtain a legendary item named Bogwentle's Lantern. Anyone level 15 or higher can attempt the quest. If they succeed, the become an official member of The Knights of Aetheria.

Item Type Material Damage Speed Armor Enchants
Miscellaneous Bogwentle's Lantern Lantern Sea Jade, Shalestone, Gold, Undergold, Noob's Gold, Elsewhere Gold, Diffused Gold, Copper, Silver. 3 Regeneration I, Replenish I, Lifesteal I.

Aura Bond: This item's enchantments will take affect even when the item remains within an inventory space.


Name Level Classes Abilities Weapon of choice Race
Sir Elric Darkbane 65 Knight, Purifier, Dragon Knight, Intitate of eight winds, Wayward Swordsman, Twillight Shepherd, Retainer of Icehollow, Dispicle of the Silver Flame. Dash, Rend, Reflect,

Ult: Second Wind

Excalibur Blade Villager
Nayte Hunter, Engineer Dash, Scout, Feral Ally ll, Rending shot, Crippling Shot, Snare, String Trap, Flash Bomb, Shadowstring Human
Zigurd Villager


"Sir Elric Darkbane, a Knight of Aetheria"

Centuries in the past, the Knights went on an expedition into the 14th Realm (Icehollow), and discovered a soul crystal containing the essence of Herobrine, which was surrounded by his servants, who were attempting to complete a ritual to resurrect him. the Knights put an end to it, and built a fortress around the floating gem to prevent anyone from awakening the Eyeless One. it worked for for over 1000 years, but one day the castle was smashed down by a regrouped army of monsters. not only was this demoralizing, but this event almost dissolved the guild. while they managed to barely survive, they never fully recovered from the setback. Despite this, they are still one of the most powerful guilds left in Aetheria.