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Kolbert (otherwise known as Kolb or Kolbert21337) is the leader of the Lost Legion. He first showed up with the Legion at Villagetown in Book 3 of Wimpy Villager. At first, Kolb and the Legion abused and bullied the villagers, thinking they were still 'NPC's' with no minds of their own.


Later on, Kolb realized the truth in fact that the world around was in fact real as he was now a Believer. He now works to convince the clan members who think otherwise, and is now a big help to the Village. Aside from that, the villagers (and readers), know almost nothing about him, other than that he seems to be a threat in Herobrine's eyes, a threat so important that his best commanders run rampant on Ardenvell. Kolb has in his possession two shards of the legendary blade Critbringer, originally named Aeon.

Kolb is dating Emerald Shadowcroft.


Kolb is a human male with brown hair, who wears a Legion Battle Suit, and a scarf gifted to him by Emerald. It is enchanted with Protection III. He has also had a red scarf which he gave to Runt. It is unknown how much armour it gives.

Kolb dressed in the Legion Battle Suit.

Kolb has the typical Lost Legion sword, a ruby blade. He also has Critbringer, one of the twelve swords forged by Entity. It was given to him by Entity as a quest item before the crash.