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Leaf is an elderly blacksmith in Villagetown. He appeared as a side character in both Wimpy Villager and Nether Kitten.


One time, Runt and Stump cheated him by using the Project All Eggs In One Basket. However, the old smith has recently began crafting greatswords, showing that he isn't unintelligent. But he is rude, as he was the one to fire up the No Mobs Allowed campaign after Eeebs' speech in NK5.

In Nether Kitten book 6, Leaf got angry at Extreme for surpassing him in his business. He created a shop right next to Extreme's forge named "The Eternal Forge," but it was destroyed in a fire caused by three bramblemane mages casting the channeling ultimate spell “Meteor Storm” at Eeebs, who facetanked without taking a scratch from it, and the fireballs that missed him left void fire wherever they struck. Also, it just so happens that the place that many of the fireballs struck was Leaf’s blacksmith shop, therefore melting the two layers of forged spellforged steel. After that, Leaf got really angry.