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Let 'em Know

Let 'em Know is a parody to Let it Go and is Villagetown's official ballad. It was sung by Emerald in the battle when Villagetown was burned to the ground in Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior: Forging Destiny, also known as Wimpy Villager 16.



The song goes:

The flames burn bright in the village tonight,

Not a whole house to be seen.

A biome of desolation,

And it feels like a dream.

The war is right here like this endless eventide.

Barely held them back. Desperately, we vied.

Don't let them win, don't bend the knee,

Be the heroes, straight out of prophecy.

Adhere, don't fear, it's time to show,

How quick they'll go.

Let 'em Know!

Let 'em Know!

We'll fight and then fight some more.

Let 'em Know!

Let 'em Know!

We'll build forever more.

We're OP, and they're going to pay!

Let the war wage on!!!

I'd take it over harvesting any day.

It's crazy how some upgrades,

Make zombies seem like dolls.

All the things that used to own us,

Can't scratch our health at all!

It's time for us to test our skills,

And reach the record for most kills.

Dash left and right so fast are we OP!?

Let 'em Know!

Let 'em Know!

We are known to make creepers cry.

Let 'em Know!

Let 'em Know!

Our damage is quite high.

Here we chug,

Our hearts won't stray!

Let the war wage on...

Our weapons sunder through the boss with a huge sound.

Runt's swords are making little cube-like wisp trails all around.

He one-shots what appears to be some kind of ghast.

*Deep, Heroic voice*

He looks so good in black!

That gear must be his laaaaaaaast!

*Back to normal voice*

Let 'em Know!

Let 'em Know!

That we fought 'till the brink of dawn.

Let 'em Know!

Let 'em Know!

The simple noobs are gone.

Here we charge

To mess up his day!

Let the war wage


(Poof! "Huh? Where'd he go?")

Music Video

Here is a video on the song.------------------> ----------------> ---------------> ---------------> below


Let Em' Know - Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior - Forging Destiny

(It's sung off-key and off-rhythm, but the melody is correct)