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Leveling is the process by which characters gain experience and grow stronger. Players gain experience from various tasks, including crafting, killing monsters, and completing quests.

XP Formula

The formula for calculating TNL (to next level) requirements is simple:

250(((current level)^2+(current level)+8)

Alternatively, you can calculate the total XP needed to reach a certain level (n) with this formula:


XP Rewards

Leveling up comes with rewards. In general, it is as follows: +1 Class Point, +1 Ability Point (+3 at level 1), +2 mana and +2 health, +3 attribute points and an unknown number of skill points. However, the exact rewards are randomized, so on occasional one could have +2 class points or no class points at all. Rarely, one can obtain an extraordinary reward such as +10 class points, but their luck with rewards is decreased afterwards.

Level 100

Level 100 is the highest level any human or demihuman (any nonhuman playable race) can attain. Level 100 players are often unbelievably strong, usually having many powerful classes and abilities. This can be bypassed (highest recorded is level 110), but is extremely difficult.