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Leveling is the process by which characters gain experience and grow stronger. Players gain experience from various tasks, including crafting, killing monsters, and completing quests.

XP Requirements

The higher the level, the more XP you need in order to reach it. XP doesn't reset with each level (for example, at level 1, you only need 2000 XP to level up. At level 2, you need 6k XP, but you start with 2k, so you only need to get 4k more)

XP Formula

The formula for calculating TNL (to next level) requirements is simple:


Alternatively, you can calculate the total XP needed to reach a certain level with this formula:


For example, to reach level 14, you would need 14(14+1)*1000=210,000 XP.

This formula has been proven incorrect. It only remains for history purposes.

XP Rewards

Leveling up offers several benefits. The primary benefit is status - the higher your level, the better the quests you will be able to undertake. The other benefit is more play styles - as you level up, you unlock the ability to multiclass (up to 8 classes at level 80, see Classes for more info). You also recieve ability points, max life points, max energy/mana points, stat points, and skill points. These may increase for each level, but leveling from level 1 to level 2 are these: +2 stat points, +3 skill points +1 ability point, +5 maximum hp, and +5 maximum energy.

Level 100

Level 100 is the highest level any human or demihuman (any nonhuman playable race) can attain. Level 100 players are often unbelievably strong, usually having many powerful classes and abilities. This can be bypassed, but is extremely difficult.

Monster Levels

Monsters don't level up in the same way as players. Instead of gaining classes and abilities, a monster's level indicates its difficulty. As monsters level up, they get more health, damage, etc. As a general rule, if a party's total level is greater than the total level of the monsters they are fighting, they will be able to handle the challenge. If the total level of the monsters is higher than the total levels of the party, the party will struggle to handle the monsters. It is worth noting that monsters (usually greater beings) can go higher than level 100, requiring a team of high-level players to take them on.