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"We are the Lost Legion! and we will never, ever retreat!!" - creed of the Lost Legion

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The Lost Legion is a Terrarian clan that follows a code similar to the code of chivalry, and are in fact an order of knights (low-leveled, according to Glorm), making their name more or less a misnomer. They are known for assisting new players.

The Legion is considered one of the most powerful clans founded by Otherworlders, even after the apocalyptic event known as The Crash. They are currently located in Villagetown, defending it against multiple attacks and building the elaborate Lost Keep. Upon their consolidation, they forged a suit of Dark Iron armor they dubbed the 'Lost Legion Battle Suit', a resource-efficient but protective set of equipment. Their efforts have also saved many villages in the east, as Elric said during the Battle for Villagetown.

Upon their arrival in Villagetown, they numbered 125 Legionnaires, 88 horses, 31 donkeys, 17 cows, 11 dogs, 8 cats, 3 chickens, and a sheep. A full cenus of their order is difficult, as many new Otherworlders may have been recruited or also slain in battle.

Already they've come to blows with the Boss Wizards, another clan which tends to kill players in deserted locations or abandon them in dungeons to collect their loot later. The two clans have a strained relationship to this day. The Lost Legion and the Boss Wizards had many clan wars before the crash.


Early days

In the time before the Crash, the Legion was one of the most powerful clans in the Aetheria Server, quartered within a lavish clan house in Aetheria City, and bearing distinct cloaks of red and silver. They proved their strength in many server-wide challenges, events, and tournaments. When they weren't competing, they were raiding dungeons, building, or having fun. However, this glory was cut short during the days of the apocalyptic event known as "The Crash".

Immediately after The Crash, the clan was left scattered and confused all over the verdant province of Dawnsbloom. Kolb gathered as many Legionnaires as possible, and established a temporary base. However, this was not the Aetherian Server. This was a new hostile world. Dark forces gathered and destroyed this camp, killing many Legionnaires. In that moment Kolb and the other Legionnaires swore to destroy Herobrine, forging East as a clan of nomads.

As they marched eastward, they destroyed any outpost of Herobrine they came across, blowing it up and killing the monsters. While exploring, they stumbled across the large settlement of Villagetown; they breached through the walls with ease thinking it was Herobrine's base, only to find these NPCs gathered in the wake of smoke.

By the time the Legion approached Villagetown, they were diminished to their current numbers - small compared to their former glory.


Realizing the town wasn't the Eyeless One's castle, they at once seized it in their name. They were surprised to see the villagers act so human-like, this was never seen during the Crash. Kolb agreed to negotiate peaceful terms when Breeze subdued him in a fistfight.

Slowly they came to see that this was no longer a server, but a world, and have now pledged to genuinely protect and aid the inhabitants. This has caused a rift in the clan, however, with some of them refusing to acknowledge the world before them (the Seekers) and others accepting what they saw as reality (the Believers). Still, the Legion is devoted to one cause, and helped defend Villagetown against countless attacks regardless.

Now the clan is deeply tied to Villagetown, and have remained there up to this time. They are in control of the Lost Keep, a complex subterranean base built in the mines of Villagetown.

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