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Lyra Aetherstar, or simply Lyra, is a moon elf sorceress and member of the Crystal Owls. She is technically the first member of the clan to be officially classed as so.


Lyra is a moon elf, giving her long ears and unusually pale skin. She wears a glowing violet crystal pendant shaped like a moon. Eeebs claims that she smells like flowers, though he had never smelled any flower like it.


Due to her role-playing, little is known about her true personality, so she can be described as "all business." She is able to hide her emotions well, shown when she appeared in front of Eeebs for the second time to charm Leaf. She appears to be sympathetic, since she helped in the defense of Villagetown, though she was ordered not to by her master (though the King gave her and Glorm a quest, it was a choice, not an order), and seems to be patient with Eeebs whenever possible.  



There were no stats or names mentioned in the series, but she is described with a glowing moon pendant hanging from her neck (check the image).


Shortly before Eeebs manages to stop a goblin from attacking the mayor whilst attending a play, Lyra appeared to him in her true form. She warned him of the rise of the Crying Star, a blood-red star that was said to be the fragmented form of a larger star, and how, when it rose in three months time, all of Aetheria would be tested. She then vanished, but not before implying she and Eeebs had seperate destinies.

Later, during the attack on Villagetown, Lyra appeared again, telepathically ordering Eeebs to complete tasks that would assist his allies in the battle: first by saving Extreme, then by collecting weapons for the Legion from Leaf. She is spotted by Eeebs in her other form, a white bird, whilst rushing to save Extreme. She also assisted him in persuading a reluctant Leaf to hand over several weapons, accessories, flasks and more to Eeebs to split among the Legion by using the Charm ability.

Lyra appears one final time in the Halls of Agemmon, this time with her clanmate, Glorm. She accompanies her clanmate and the second Chosen Being as they battle through the dungeon, finally making it to the final guardian, which turned out to be a Red Wyrm, a dangerous and powerful form of dragon. Although heavily outgunned, she and the rest of her clan, alongside Eeebs and reinforcements from the Lost Legion fought bravely, although it took the arrival of a kaiju summoned by Hurion through his Wish Coin to earn them the win. After the battle, she bids farewell to Eeebs and the Legion, before she and Glorm vanish to deal with a situation in the village of Morningvale.