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Max Whitecloud is one of Runt's oldest rivals, who eventually grew to become one of Runt's best friends and team members. At the start of the Wimpy Villager series, Max was very mean to Runt, and even could be called a bully.

But then, the series progressed, and when Pebble became a larger problem, Max and Runt decided to work together and Max joined Team Runt. Runt treats him as his personal library, but Max claims to be fine with it. He seems to be entering a relationship with Lola. Max also has a bat as a familiar.

Max is also the creator of the Poo screamer.


He is a male villager with shaved hair, who wears glasses and a white robe, which he exchanged for a wizard gown.


Max is known to be very intelligent, as he reads lots of books and originally wanted to become a librarian. He was shown to originally have a childish side as well, reading Cow the cow.

Max is very enthusiastic about research, constantly dragging Runt and co to the library for one reason or another. However, when it comes to social interaction, Max struggled initially due to being very egotistical, although this improved over time. He is also a bit of a prankster, having spiked Drill’s juice to make him say stupid things, as well as writing a sign on a dummy to say ‘Drill’s face’. He has shown interest in becoming a wizard, and will likely become well-versed with lore,suggesting divination magic.

Series Timeline

WV1: Runt and Max's rivalry begins.

WV5: Max and Runt put aside their differences and become allies.

WV15: Max and the rest of Runt's team get invited to the Greater Aetherian Academy, a school in Aetheria City.