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Mike is one of the first humans to live in Villagetown, who befriends Runt and Steve early on.


Mike first entered the Villagetown and tried to trade with a farmer, but realised he didn’t have enough emeralds to get that good trade, so he dug a hole and trapped the farmer in it so he couldn’t escape. Soon after he left, people discovered the farmer and wanted to imprison Mike.

After Mike went back to his base and found it destroyed and intruded by the mobs, he came running back to Villagetown and met Runt. He admitted his crime and the Mayor sentenced him to go to prison.

Later, Runt talked to Mike and requested that for freeing him, he would promise to teach the villagers how to fight, he agreed and started giving combat lessons to them.

He and Steve built their own houses and were experimenting with different traps, his had a dispenser and poured lava whenever it was activated. He once blamed Runt for accidentally activating it and burning his sign.

A while later (WV10), he and Steve decided to leave Villagetown and journey to the west in hopes to save Villagetown from destruction. They have not been mentioned since then.