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Monsters are categorized by sub-types, which are categorized by types. For example, a Zombie would be the Reanimated sub-type, which falls under the Undead type.














All undead are immune to mind-affecting spells, crits, XP drains, and more.


General Mobs

Name Type/Subtype Affinity Abilities Description
Blaze Fire A monster native to the Nether.
Blockbird A flying mob shaped like a block that can sing.
Cake Slime Ooze (presumably) The “noobiest” monster in the Overworld. Likely a result of the Eyeless One’s experiments. Although they are not dangerous, they are still capable of causing trouble, since they move in large "herds."
Cave Spider Arthropod Aspect of the Spider Spiders capable of inflicting poison.
Creeper Plant Creep Capable of exploding to cause massive amounts of damage, but destroying itself in the process. Afraid of cats. At least some are able to speak.
Crypt Slime Ooze, Undead Shadow, Acid Frenzy, Caustic Form, Roiling Ooze An undead slime composed of acidic ooze.
Endermen An interdimensional mob capable of spatial magic.
Feymare Dragon A small butterfly-like dragon that can be tamed with a Moonfire Acorn, largely considered the easiest one to obtain.
Ghast Fireball Native to the Nether, capable of shooting fireballs and presumably the only source of ghast tears. They are always sad about something, although there are exceptions.
Ghoul Undead/Reanimated (Presumably) Capable of inflicting crypt rot.
Haunt Undead Has the appearance of a small, black ghast and can inflict XP drain. Despite its appearance, it is not native to the Nether.
Ice Slime Ooze (Presumably)
Iron Golem A golem made of iron. They guard villages.
Ironsoul A race of living iron golems created by the highborn.
Iron Slime Ooze (Presumably) Slimes that are extremely resistant against physical damage.
Kaiju (e.g. Stompy) Dragon (Presumably) Kaiju Fire, Frost Breath, Grab, Chomp, Devour, Stomp A large dragon-like greater being with red eyes and small wings on its back.
Lurker Death Glare, Eye of Woe Giant black squid-like things with a thousand tentacles and a single purple eye.
Magma Cube
Mummy Undead/Reanimated An undead mob wrapped in bandages. Capable of inflicting “muffin rot.” After 1 hour of having the status effect, the affected person's skin will have the appearance of a poorly crafted muffin (poorly crafted muffins are lumpy), and every hour after that, all 6 attributes are lowered by one until cured or they die.
Red Wyrm Dragon/Wyrm Flame Breath, Tail Sweep, Devour A giant snake-like dragon with large wings.
Revenant Undead/Reanimated An undead mob with blue-ish skin
Shade Undead/Spirit A spectral being that can inflict horrible debuffs with a touch, although their attacks don’t do much damage.
Skeleton Undead/Reanimated (presumably) An undead mob made out of bones and often use bows.
Slime Ooze A green cube of a jelly-like substance.
Spectral Dragon Dragon or Undead (Presumably) A dragon that Underlords can get as a pet if they are killed.
Spider Arthropod Aspect of the Spider A large spider capable of climbing walls.
Stormcrow A flying mob with white feathers and sea-green eyes.
Wight Undead/Reanimated An undead mob capable of xp drain. Anyone who gets their xp drained to below 0 gets turned into one.
Wither Skeleton Undead/Reanimated
Basic Zombie Undead/Reanimated
Zombie Pigman Undead/Reanimated (presumably)


Bosses are very powerful mobs. They can be found in a dungeon as the final obstacle, roaming the continent, etc.






Nethersoul A giant wither-skeleton-colored zombie about 5 blocks tall, with red eyes. Boss of the Tomb of the Forgotten King.
Screaming Cow A giant cow boss. Hearing its screams causes the listener to be afflicted with Wither V.
Tarasque Dragon A chimeric dragon. Has been terrorizing towns and villages around the capital. No amount of spells/arrows/knights hacking at it has been able to harm it.

Urkk Doomwhip

Throws Creepers like snowballs with his doomwhip that can make him really hard to kite. Has earned the name "The Creeper Express" because of the unique technique. Around 5-6 blocks tall. Has a phobia: a height of more than 5 blocks. Killed by Runt, with the assistance of Breeze and Jello in Villagetown.

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