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Monsters were created by Herobrine to function as soldiers, and the Builders also created them as a challenge. They all fall into one of several categories.

Living monsters are hostile, but they are damaged normally by potions and are affected by Regeneration potions. They do not catch fire in sunlight and most common Living monsters do not inflict debuffs.

Passive Monsters are peaceful mobs and will not attack anything (exception: a wolf attacking a sheep, etc).

Bosses were created by the Builders as a final challenge in dungeons. Herobrine has also created several "minibosses" for his army.

Herobrine has also created several experimental species that are stronger than normal members of their species (excluding cake slimes). It is unknown how he achieved this.

All monsters also have a level that indicates their strength. It is unknown what stats level affects.

Undead Monsters

The Undead are a subset of monsters that are already deceased. They are immune to many things, including XP drain, mind-altering spells, healing, critical hits, etc. However, there are many classes and abilities that specialize against Undead.

Name Special Abilities
Crypt Slime A type of slime that, if hit with a melee weapon, will reduce armor points by 2.5
Defiler Can use the ability "Animate Corpse" to attack the player
Drowned An undead mob similar to Zombies that spawn on the ocean floor. They can have a trident or fishing rod in their main hand, and a Nautilus Shell in their offhand. They become passive in daylight if they are taken out of water.
Ghoul If one is bitten by a ghoul, within an hour a black mark appears on the area of the bite. This turns into necrosis which spreads at a rate of 2 pixels an hour. The only cure is a Potion of Cleansing, which can remove almost any status effect or a Spellcrush potion, which can remove any status effect, at least oh the magical kind.
Haunt A small undead variant of ghast. They gain drain XP.
Husk A subset of Zombie that gives the Hunger status effect to anyone they hit.
Mummy A mummy is a type of undead wrapped in bandages. Whoever it touches will get muffin rot, an ancient disease. After 1 hour of having the status effect, the affected person's skin will have the appearance of a poorly crafted wheat muffin (poorly crafted wheat muffins are lumpy), and every hour after that, all 6 attributes are lowered by one until cured or they die.
Revenant Also known as Vampire, basically, a zombie with blue skin.
Shade A form of ghost that can inflict all kinds of horrible debuffs. So far, shades have been known to inflict the status effects: Stun, Slowness II, Weakness, Nausea V, Blindness, Mining Fatigue, Silence, Bad Luck VIII and Curse of Icehollow. These debuffs are chosen at random, and are inflicted every time that a Shade touches its victim.
Firemind A spectral monster that lives in the nether. It is a very powerful monster that can afflict several debuffs like flaming soul. Fireminds are very rare and stay away from ghasts and haunts.
Skeleton A skeleton is a species of undead which is made out of bones. They are usually skilled archers, pursuing their targets from a distance. The best way to kill a skeleton is to fight it in archery combat.
Stray A subset of Skeleton that gives the Slowness status effect to anyone they hit.
Wight A subspecies of zombie that drains EXP from whoever they hit. They are also much more lifelike then regular zombies.
Wither Boss mob that shoots Wither skulls from its three heads, which give the Wither effect upon hitting a mob, or explode upon hitting a block. Occasionally, it will shoot blue skulls, which have more explosive force, move slower, and do not infict the Wither effect.
Wither Skeleton A subset of Skeleton which always spawns with a stone sword. They give the Wither effect to whoever they hit. If they pick up a dropped bow, the arrows shot from it will be on fire.
Zombie A species of undead which spawns with a cyan shirt, and blue pants. May occasionally spawn with armor and weapons. Zombies are programmed to advance, destroying doors and killing all that are inside. If a villager is killed by a zombie, it will become a zombie villager. Created and modified by Herobrine. They pose little threat on their own, but usually attack in groups.
Zombie Animal Zombie animals are created when an animal dies from Nether Rot. These animals move more slowly than their living counterparts, but they are hostile. They always drop Rotten Flesh upon death, regardless of the original animal. They are also harder to kill.
Zombie Pigman Always spawns with a golden sword. They ignore you until you attack them. This will cause a chain reaction, sending all zombie pigmen within a 32-block radius towards you. Any new pigmen that may be exposed to you after you attack a pigman will also join the force.
Zombie Villager A subset of Zombie. These mobs spawn rarely instead of Zombies, or when a Villager is killed by a Zombie. They are able to be cured with a golden apple and a weakness potion.

Living Monsters

Name Special Abilities
Cake Slime A failed experiment by The Nameless One that has an average of 5 health, 0 armor, no abilities and a weak bite attack that never results in more than 1 damage.
Slime Slimes come in 3 sizes, small, medium, and large (There may be larger ones since Pebble estimated the one he saw outside a village is 16 blocks/meters tall) After you kill one it spawns 2-4 slimes of the next smaller size. They move by jumping. Baby slimes, the smallest kind, deal no damage.
Sand Slime Subset of Slime found in Desert and Beach biomes.
Ice Slime Summoned by Faolan. Also probably found in cold biomes.
Magma Cube Basically, a slime in the nether with more damage and is immune to fire. Also immune to fall damage.
Ghast A mob native to the nether that spits fireballs, flies and cries. Sometimes it will drop a Ghast tear. You can reflect their fireballs with a sword.
Spider A mob that can climb walls fit in 1 by 1 holes and can now go in the sun.
Cave Spider Similar to the spider, except for when it bites you, it affects you with poison. Found most commonly in abandoned mineshafts and now can be seen throughout the Overworld.
Silverfish A pesky mob that can burrow in most stone objects. If you hurt one other near by Silverfish will come attack you. Attacking one will attract more silverfish.
Blaze A mob native to the nether that can shoot fireballs and set itself on fire to deal fire damage to who ever touches it (when they do this they will also shoot three fireballs).
Creeper Moves quietly, looks like a plant and explodes. Green because it is made of leaves according to Runt. It is also scared of cats.
Enderman* A mob native to the end, can teleport, passive until provoked by either looking in their eyes or attacking them, when provoked will start screaming, deals much higher damage than zombies and skeletons. It is hinted that some may be on Notch's side.
Endermite A pesky mob that is related to the end. It doesn't do much, and it can die on soulsand. They are essentially purple silverfish that spawn occisionally when using an ender pearl.
Ice Golem Has an AoE slow aura and several Ice-based attacks.
Mimic Looks like a chest, but comes alive and attacks if you try to open it.
Owltroll A large bipedal owl with high-strength melee attacks.
Enderhurgle Mentioned by several different characters, including EnderStar. Their abilities and appearance are unknown, as none have actually been shown.
Irontusk Basically a superpowered pigman. They work for Herobrine. One named Urmm attacked Villagetown but was defeated.
Diabolist A weaker type of necromancers that can use the "Animate Corpse" ability (Possibly possess weaker necromancer abilities too???)
Lurker A very rare, powerful type of undead that lives in caves. It is described as "a thousand-tentacled squid with a single red eye" and it can lower the durability of equipped items with a single glance. It also has several eye abilities like "Eye of Woe" and "Death Glare". Powerful as it is, lurkers are afraid of fire.
Troll Trolls are humanoid mobs that have great strength but very little INT. It is unknown the differences between each one.

Passive Mobs

Name Special Abilities
Sheep Can be sheared for wool, which is used for clothes and beds.
Pig Can be ridden by players using a saddle and a Carrot on a Stick.
Cow Cow milk can remove most lower-level debuffs. It is said that today's cows are descended from a race of Enchanted Cows, whose milk could remove any negative effect.
Chicken Chickens lay eggs periodically, which are used in several food recipes.
Rabbit No special abilities (beyond being really annoying to catch).
Llama Can spit at targets to deal damage. They can be tamed, and once tamed, they can be used to carry items if given chests. Llamas can also form caravans, saving you the trouble of leashing every one of your Llamas.
Horse Horses are the primary mode of transport in Aetheria. They vary in speed and come in several different breeds. They can easily be tamed with Wheat, Apples, or other food items and ridden with the use of a Saddle.
Parrot No special abilities, beyond being tame-able. Once tamed, they will sit on your shoulder. Though this provides no benefits, it does look cool when playing as a Pirate class. It will dance to any song, including disc 11 and disc 13. (The songs are creepy and the subject of many memes).
Blockbird Very rare in Villagetown. No special abilities. It is unknown if they can be tamed.
Feymare Can fly, eat flowers and be tamed.
Voidflea Mentioned by Leaf. Its wings are used in three brewing recipes. They can rot the brain.
Stormcrow Similar to Blockbirds, but with white feathers and sea-green eyes.
Mite Dead mites can be used to bait fishing rods, which increases fishing speed but consumes the mite after a fish is caught.
Squid Can create a cloud of ink when harmed. Drops an ink sac when killed.

Boss Monsters

Name Special Abilities
Nethersoul Has no abilities but a very strong punch attack. Has furnace sized fists. He has roughy 250 health, deals roughly 9 damage and 14 knockback, and has 12 points of armor. Spawns in the Tomb of the Forgotten King.
Screaming Cow A giant cow boss. Hearing its screams causes the listener to be afflicted with Wither V.
Obsidian Giant Picture a 20-block tall Iron Golem. Now change the Iron to Obsidian. That's the Obsidian giant. Along with having ridiculous damage, the only thing that can hurt it is a pickaxe made from Diamond or higher.
Red Wyrm Eeebs & the Lost Legion battled this dragon sub-type in the Halls of Agemmon. It has several special abilities, such as Devour (does massive damage to target using mouth), Tail sweep (very high knockback), and Flame Breath (extreme fire damage). It has over 6000 HP. It is level 35.
Urkk Doomwhip Wields a huge fishing rod enchanted with Pulling II, and Sharpness VII. It has a phobia of a drop that is higher than five blocks. Was also reported throwing charged creepers during the attack on villagetown where breeze drank a lot of potions.


These monsters are powerful creatures that cannot classify as boss monsters due to perhaps rarity or power.

Name Special Abilities
Skull Lord Abilities are unknown, but shoots arrows touched with a debuff (most likely Wither, as the arrows had skulls etched into them).
Mungo Can easily survive a creeper‘s explosion after eating it, wields two enchanted golden swords. He lives somewhere in the Nether, and once a year, he comes to the overworld searching for villages to destroy.
Angryface McSparklebutt A miniboss in the attack on Villagetown (the attack where the giant slime wall protected creepers). It's real name is unknown.

Greater Beings

These monsters are extremely powerful creatures found in the 15th or above dimensions.

Name Special Abilities
Kaiju Two breath abilities (Breath of Magical Frost, which freezes and deals ice damage, and Kaiju Fire, which deals AoE fire damage and sets targets on fire), a Grab ability, and a Chomp/Devour ability. All of these do massive damage. It also has over 9,000 health, making it ridiculously hard to defeat.
*Neutral. A neutral monster does not attack unless it is attacked first (exception: a wolf attacking a sheep, etc).