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Mooncloud entered Aetheria at a very young age, far before anybody. She doesn't remember much about her life on Earth. If anything, She believes she's one of the NPCs.

She grew up in a village called Glassbrink, a village dedicated to harvesting glass and forging glassware. They ran out and the population dispersed.

Mooncloud then stumbled across Villagetown where she currently resides.


Mooncloud is a female human, with cyan eyes and black hair. She wears a white glove on her right hand and is barehanded on the left. She wears a glove to cover a scar made by a skeleton's arrow. But this wound doesn't affect her fighting.


Tends to be quiet. She is glad to assist her friends if they are in need of help.


Item Type Material Damage Speed Armor Enchants
Weapon Full Moon Shuriken Moonsilver 2-6 0.8 N/A Masterwork I


Weapon 2 Moon silver daggers Dagger Moonsilver N/A
Armor Silver Armor made by Extreme
Glove Glove on right hand. Left is bare. Glove Some kind of white material

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