Summary[edit | edit source]

Mooncloud entered Aetheria at a very young age, far before anybody. She doesn't remember much about her life on Earth. If anything, She believes she's one of the NPCs.

She grew up in a village called Glassbrink, a village dedicated to harvesting glass and forging glassware. They ran out and the population dispersed.

Mooncloud then stumbled across Villagetown where she currently resides.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Mooncloud is a female human, with cyan eyes and black hair. She wears a white glove on her right hand and is barehanded on the left. She wears a glove to cover a scar made by a skeleton's arrow. But this wound doesn't affect her fighting.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Tends to be quiet. She is glad to assist her friends if they are in need of help.

Gear[edit | edit source]

Item Type Material Damage Speed Armor Enchants
Weapon Full Moon Shuriken Moonsilver 2-6 0.8 N/A Masterwork I


Weapon 2 Moon silver daggers Dagger Moonsilver N/A
Armor Silver Armor made by Extreme
Glove Glove on right hand. Left is bare. Glove Some kind of white material

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