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Characters Abilities

Fan Monsters (And other creatures/races)

  • Name: The name of your creature. (For example, Zombie)
  • Items: Your creature's items. If not a boss, there can be a percentage for each item, showing how likely the monster is to spawn with those items. (For example, Zombies have a small chance to spawn with a weapon)
  • Level: Your creature's level. If not a boss, this can be a range. (For example, Zombies can be level 1-5)



XP Reward Description Creator
Devourer None 10,000 10,000,000 An Ancient Serpentine dragon that resides in an unknown dimension, but is known to rip holes from its dimension into the Overworld, the reason is unknown. Anything living thing that sees it will be devoured, hence its name. Only one explorer has survived seeing the Devourer enter the Overworld, who's name has since been long forgotten. Once in the Overworld, it will call upon its servants who are scattered around Aetheria. No more is known about this legendary beast. Byesir
Devourer's Servants Item depends on the servant 50-200 Depends on level Spirits of heroes that have been killed by the Devourer. These spirits are rarely found in remains of castles and kingdoms. Killing one can drop a crystal with its soul trapped in it. These crystal can be used to resurrect the hero that has being defeated by the Devourer. However, the hero's memory and levels are wiped. Byesir (tigerh4n)
Wolf Spirit None except power being transfered. 10000 100,000,000 These are the spirits that are very powerful, the first one was the Destroyer of Evil, and the Second one was the Creator of Good. They are in the mortal world guarded by Lordofpixels7 (see fan chars) currently Lordofpixels
Living Statue Depends on what the statue was carved or died with 1-100 Depends on level These are supposed to be the spirits of statues or people who died on a mountain or because of stone I-III. They can attack with their type of stone (quartz for statues made out of quartz, stone for statues made out of stone, etc), by levitating it and then throwing it. At level 50, they gain the power to use more than one block for throwing. These can be cured or forced back to their statues with alternatively a cleansing potion or water. Petalburst66
Shambler Whatever they were composed of (see to the right) Depends on how large they are; 2 is basic; normally goes up to about 15; highest recorded is 172 50-375 (normal), can go up to at least 4,300. Mounds of dead leaves, dead bushes, slime, water, mud, clay, mushrooms, and other natural things like that. They shamble, as their name implies, around the world, mostly in swamps. They attach such things that they find to their bodies, and as they get larger, they get stronger. A basic, just-spawned shambler often finds another shambler to ally itself with, so they can sometimes be found in pairs, though as soon as one gets significantly larger than the other, it will consume its previous partner. Other than that, they are solitary. A basic shambler has 3 STR, -5 AGI, 10 VIT, -30 INT, -10 RES, and -1 KAR. Before its Vitality, it has around 10 HP. Once it consumes more, though, at the normal highest level (15), it has 20 to 25 STR, 1 AGI, 75 VIT, -7 INT, -5 RES, and 0 KAR. Before its Vitality, it has 75 HP. They can just keep getting larger, though, up to the highest recorded, level 172. These are as large as village houses, and have roughly 260 STR, up to 80 AGI, over 800 VIT, nearly 100 INT, around 10 RES, and 1 KAR. These massive mobs (level 172) have over 850 HP before their god-like VIT. Shamblers give roughly 1.075^level + 25 exp. Each level they advance, they gain about 1.5 STR, a little under half a point of AGI, 1.75 INT, around 5 VIT, 0.33 RES, and 0.07 KAR. Once their KAR reaches 1, it stops ascending. The VIT advances slow down after level 50, to the point of one-hundredth the usual (supposedly) by level 300. All abilities stop at 350 except VIT, which stops at 1500. They gain roughly 5 HP (before VIT) per level, depending on what they consume. Their composition affects their other stats too, for example, a shambler that is mostly clay will have higher HP, STR, and VIT, and lower AGI. On the other hand, a leafy shambler would have higher AGI and INT, but lower STR and HP. Fignite
Krakken None 1000 500000 Has an upper body of a dragon and a lower body of a squid. Its head is comparable to that of a Kaiju. It has arms with deadly

claws. The Krakken is teal colored with bioluminescent eyes and claws. It is, from the head to the tips of the tentacles, 13 blocks long. It can swim 2x faster than a horse can run. It has 700000 health. It can squirt ink which temporarily blinds attackers, and slash at them with it's claws dealing 21 damage. It can also grab attakers with its tentacles, stunning them and dragging them for 5 seconds while dealing 2 damage over time for the duration of the stun. It drops 197 ink sacs, 65% chance of dropping a trident, 278 prismarine crystals, 30% chance of dropping 100 dragon leathor, and 20% chance of dropping 75 kaiju hide. They are Native to the Maelstorm and are neutral in the war.

Preeminent None 100-800 5000 (for killing the monster itself, total xp gained in trying to kill it is much higher) Basically preeminent from Ninjago but black and smaller. It is native to the Shadowlands. It has low health for its level, 10000, but its abilities make it nearly impossible to kill. It can summon a mob every second. At lower levels it spawns basic mobs such as zombies and skeletons, however at level 400-600 it can spawn shades and wights with deadlier mobs coming at higher levels. It can also deal 7 damage to players by hitting them with its tentacles. They currently side with Herobrine in the war. Infrasound7
Tanstrumbyeva Tends to pick up shiny equipment and keep them in large dens. 400-800 40,000-80,000 These very rare, hostile, fast-flying creatures have 4 legs and 2, bat-like wings. And are incredibly dangerous that were around in the 2nd war used as powerful minions. They spawn in very dark areas often in enormous caves and occasionally in the nether. Due to them spawning in dark areas they are used to being in the dark and have 4, sensitive eyes that make them blind in the day. At this time they are dependant on their strong hearing but will be more often found hunting in the night and sleeping in the day upside down on the roof of caves, large branches on trees, or large dens (Normal tantrums sleep like bats but a Tanstrumquintem will lay down and sleep) They also have extendable tongues that grab prey and suck them into its mouth. When they spawn outside they will usually be in packs of 3-8. Despite their hunter-made body, they will still be able to digest and eat Nonmeat foods, though they prefer meat over non-meats. But if there is no food will kill any mob that has any time of flesh (Ignore mobs with no flesh like skeletons) and occasionally kill their own kind. If one were to see shiny equipment they will grab it and lots of loot can be found in their dens. Tanstrums only make dens if they are level 600 When encountered they will be hard to lead to traps as they appear to be very intelligent and some will even hunt in packs, they can often sense that something feels suspicious. Their primary and most deadly weapon is their mouth. They have large fangs with teeth designed to ram prey and to bite on prey, their bites cause wither effect and slowness. When fighting large prey they will use their claws to slice the skin. Even with their good defense and health, they are still light allowing them to dodge arrows, spells, and large blows. Their mouths are also very flexible and Tanstrums can change their mouth's shape to be more effective. Occasionally, they will grab on prey with their feet damaging them. They have claws on the toes and under their feet that they will use to toss players dealing heavy critical damage and often leave small craters or even throw the player through the wall to players that get too close. When they spawn they will have a 5% chance of spawning a Tanstrumquintem. They appear to be slightly weaker but can shoot projectiles (Random blocks or shoot fast fireballs) and have a bug-like abdomen to spawn smaller Tanstrumbyeva hatches from a cocoon (Hatching speed varies between 5 seconds and an entire day) which grows into the normal size of a Tanstrum. These creature's goals are to survive and grow by killing other things, when they kill enough they will evolve taking new traits. Wheatsee

Wiki: BaconBoi99

Artificial Human Can pick up any item 1-100 20-2000 A human that is created through artificial means. They all have black hair, yellow eyes, and have four fingers 34% of the time. They are created by capturing a zombie, giving it a potion of weakness, and feeding it a golden apple. However the zombie is now just a husk, an empty shell, a mold. The creator then has to set it on a 1x2 table, shove a totem of undying into its chest, and lapis lazuli into its forehead. However this can only be done through incision with shears, the cuts however will close up once done. After this one incases the body in clay and surrounds it with four end crystals. Thus the artificial human would come to life, once it breaks out of the clay casing it there is a 50% chance it can be male or female. They will not remember their time as a zombie. At first the being's movements are stiff and mechanical, virtually knowing nothing. Although over time they drastically get stronger , more graceful, and more intelligent. As it gains sentiences it either has the choice to go out on its own or stay with their creator, as a friend. They have natural armor of around 5-10, although it deteriorates at a rate of 1 armor for every 3 months. These beings are also immortal and can not age, however it has extra vulnerability to fire and its natural armor is lowered by 15% in the cold. They can also melt within 10 minutes with prolonged contact with water. When killed they then crumble into a pile of clay, rotten flesh, fourteen bones, one skull, one totem of undying, and lapis lazuli. Despite all these differences they are nearly indistinguishable to regular humans, being only told apart by their amount of fingers and their eye color. They are very rare, due to the amount of work put into it and the lack of knowledge on how to make them. Due to that knowledge being lost in the second great war. There are a couple hundred of them that exist within the entirety of Aetheria. Being survivors of the second great war. FrameTrap
Kamikaze Carl N/A N/A N/A Kamikaze Carl is here! I need username357
Soultaur Wears an Ironsoul Robe 100-500 [[1]] A Soultaur, an extremely dangerous mob, has the ability to siphon one's soul to their advantage. It boasts healthy crimson skin, has a strong jaw, over 10 feet tall, tusks that are tougher than an iron claymore, and is mainly seen wandering forests. They wear a purple-streaked robe with diamond shoulder pieces that hold the ability to siphon souls for defense. The more opponents it defeats, the more defensive its robe gets. The souls are trapped within the robe which provides a defensive aura for the wearer. Soultaurs also have the ability to siphon souls without even wearing their robes but it will take longer to do so. When not wearing their robes, they appear to be wearing metal shorts of some sort...
karpoi A Grain spirit which is made of (wheat or carrots or potatoes or tomatoes or any type of frout/vegitable) 10-100 how much hp it has Has different types, It can be any type of vegetable/fruit/berry

Can be summoned with the class geomancer and can be created from the ability "the ritual of the biome"

can turn into the type of food it is has a weakness of fire and an affinity to earth

Naiad Its life force bonded to it's river 3 water aluminum 20-30 HP = XP Can Control it's river

If it is clean then the nymph is immortal it becomes mortal when the river is trashed/destroyed neutral can be created from the ability "the ritual of the biome"

Dryad neutural life force is bonded to it's tree 10 wood 20-30 HP = XP Can summon/control trees Has a weakness to fire and water some have abilities such as roots of ao can be created from the ability "the ritual of the biome"
wind spirit none 20-30 40 can fly and do telekinesis
Slirenmed 1% chance to have an Evilium tool or weapon, but other than that, NONE. 500-900 10,000-18,000 The result of a Siren Head and Slenderman doing a DBZ Merge Dance, spawns from a mob spawner in Nopupils' underground bunker #5 after first one leaves him. Can sound like anybody it's killed, and has 4-8 tentacles that it can hold weapons with and use them to trash its enemies with masterful and awesome Jiu Jitsu, Kung Fu, and Tae Kwon Dodo. Can also 4D walk like an Enderman. (That is, teleport.) Also has a faceless human head with sirens sticking out of it, and has a brown skeletal body that it somehow got a tuxedo onto. Affiliation (at least, for the first one in existence): Herobrine, who is the one guy who did not run away screaming on seeing it, and therefore this monster likes him and regards him as a friend. Will eventually see that He Who Goes Commando 1. doesn't wear underwear and 2. is using him, and therefore will eat/trash a whole bunch of high-level mobs under Salty's command. Then goes to capital and sees King Runehammer, who does not chicken out, making Slirenmed a valuable ally for the war to come. Moomoo10101, LOLXD49, Icoolyes, ModMasterFlash, and all of my other ID's.
Titan None (although they can pick up and use items they find.) 300-700 5,000 A bigger, stronger version of a golem. Very rare. Found in some of the farther dimensions. High melee damage. Some can cast spells.
Blurry Devils None 10-60 150-200 These can hardly be seen from the corner of your eye. They often will spawn in bedrooms at night. If touched by them you will get Intimidation and it will hop into your head and give you nightmares. They can be killed by the sheer determination.
Virus Proteins 1-100 25 These work like the real world viruses but is the size of small ant-man. Their proteins Determine their abilities. the higher their level, the more likely you are to be infected. ( from 1% - 100% )
Steamshard 50% chance to spawn with Mystilium helm (See Mystilium in Fan Ideas 1) 45-87 1,000-5,000 These highly dangerous mobs live in the veil dimension, where they basically do anything they want. They are near the top of the food chain and are mostly solitary creatures, but you can find families of Steamshards. These mobs are covered in Mystilium scales and are the only source of Mystilium. They have a range of attacks that mostly consist of leaping and sneaking around the target. It would be best to have at least tier 2 to 3 armor and weapons before taking on a Steamshard. They have about 50 hearts of HP and attack for 10-15 hearts to an unarmored Aetherian/Terrarian. Dangerkity
Medusa leather and scales 100-500 10-50 turns you to stone if you look directly at her
tenebrae Sword of tenebrae

Abyssal armor

The shard of the abyss

300 500000 A monster of the abyss.He can be found in the deepest layer of the abyss.He can look like any person he has seen and has the voice of the people he has killed.For some reason he does not need to find people as he already knows where their at.The creature is hard to describe as many people have died trying to find it or have been killed finding it or as it doesn't usually go into its true form.Heres an account of it written by someone during the great war.Its a dark time in the overworld hereobrine is almost going to win.At least hiding here in the abyss was a good idea yet not as because demons.I saw something the other day it was like a shadowy figure but it had shape full of darkness I think i most be dreaming.'Yestarday our fort was attacked It was something weird full of shade look like a shade yet darkness was amiting from it.I ran but before i did it killed my friend with what is it a sword?Anyway it took the form of him then starting talking like my friend saying things like "come closer"and "everything is gonna be fine mark" or "come mark".Then it took into the shape of my friend jack and it seems they starting to fight They told me to shoot one of them good thing i have a wither arrow so i shoot the thing and it turned into a giant monster of darkness i cant describe I think it was Its true form It had tendrils the coming out of it but it was long long.I ran fast As i could I was running to the portal and i survived but I think its still alive.I warn you now traveler as I will be leaving my dairy here.DO NOT ENTER THE ABYSS.

We think from that account the monster we shall name tenebrae and that he witnessed his true form.Abyss and darkness give form.All we can say is that there is no description for this this demon and as such i recommend you don't go there unless YOU HAVE TO if you dont want to find this beast.And yes for some reason he is a greater being.We also think he does what he does for sport.Other than all of that thats mostly what we know about IT.

Perfect Archord Deathbringer, Sword of The Vengeful, Magister's Spellbook(Modified to Summoning Magic),

10 Stacks of Modified Cinnamuffins(Can Be Stacked for Utmost Power potential)

500-750 250000 The most successful of Its class, A Perfect Archord is Able to Use Both a Sword and Bow and Has an Immunity to arrows and SUPER Increased Armor against Swords, This gives them a lot of versatility when in a fight. This, Coupled with a Strong set of Stats, Particularly Stealth, Vitality and Strength plus a wide range of Abilities, Mostly Including Reinforcements, Stealth, and Attack boosts. Now, The most horrifying thing is that, Deathbringer has Soul Bind on It, Like Percy and Grover's Empathy Link or a Kirlia's Dumb Attack, The thing is, That bow is Multishot, so If He Manages to Tag all enemies(players and NPCs), That Means when he(Perfect Archord) dies, all others affected will die as well regardless of how much damage the arrow itself did or the Amount of Vitality. This Makes It Extremely Deadly. The Sword of The Vengeful may be worse though, as it has a much higher attack and attack speed. It gets worse because when a attack hits you(Players or NPCs), you(Players or NPCs) are Inflicted with Inverse Anger or Confusion, The Levels Being 25 and 5. This means that, unless you drink a Spellcrush potion, you will become blinded with fury or extremely Influenced, Both causing you to attack your(Players or NPCs) teammates, But Inverse Anger Also Grants a Attack Multiplier(One for Each Level)making that effect extremely harmful, and the fun doesn't stop there! It also has an AoE radius of 25. All of these stats combined make a Perfect Something you should only attempt if you are classed as a Eternal Striker. Lastly, His Stacked Cinnamuffins allow him to have 16000 more points of each stat if eaten Simultaneously, Also, His Spell Book allows him to summon 250-500 Lvl 30 reinforcements and 10 Level

250- 450 Greater Beings to Assist Him.

Ultra Eterna-Slasher Blade of Eternian Fury, Eternal Spellshot, Leveler Book, Expert at Summons, Gravity, and Weather Manipulation. 750-(Leveler Book) 1500 500(normal),2000(leveled) The Eterna-Slasher is Extremely Powerful, and, as the name suggests, Eternal, because he can respawn 10 times, essentially making him Steve with so, so much better stats. Not Much is Known Besides One Account of Seeing this monster: " I was Venturing Through the Overworld and Suddenly, I saw a Lightning Bolt in the shape of a sword hurtling towards me! I activated Dash and Dodged it, but barely, Trying to feel less unnerved, I said: Looks Like The Wayward Stormsman Struck Again! Thinking nothing of it, I pitched up camp in my fort, But when I woke up, there was no sun, Like I was In the Darklands. I then realized.... He's Above Me! Wait NO! Stop! He Just Engaged Me!


This Shows how dangerous He is Because that explorer was never heard from again, and his stats are Literally Eternalized in Some records of The Most Powerful Mobs Ever.

Freeze None 1-5 20-30 These monsters can be found in Icerahn. They basically look like frozen blaze and they throw iceballs (really strong snowball). Look there to see one : Shad0wzZ_YTB (I'm french so please don't judge me on that)
White Shags Glowstone sword and boots, iron helmet. 0, level up like villagers, elves, and humans do. Unknown; Never been killed before because they teleport away. The angelic version of an enderman normally found in the Silverwood, they have a fondness for elves and all things light. Complete pacifists, dodging every attack done. Speak english, though not very fluent. Known to be psychics. Alpha7658
Elmhurstians None 0 level up like humans elves and villagers do Depends on level they were the hardier subset of elve,elmhurstians have darker skin than villagers and are very skilled in archery and horseback riding.the ones that survived the invasion of Herobrine are now on the streets.known for magic givin to some elmhurstians anyonomus~
Stellars White swords made of an unknown metal.

(99.9999% chance for sword, else 0.00001% spawn with a battle-axe)

10-20 10 Small, white floating beings known to roam the skies of the Sliverwood. They are normally the size of a vex, and leave most other things alone. They speak in an unknown language and interact with White Shags often. The only way to reach them is by having flight, as they're above height limit. Alpha7658
Fell hound Teeth? 80 50 A black/grey bigger version of the wolf. Fell hounds inhabit the vast hills of Fell. They have vicious teeth, and have the attack power of three endermen, and the speed of a cave spider. Normally, they'd be neutral, but if you mine or place anything near them, they attack with no second glance. Tame-able with wither bones. a colorblind person named Alpha7658
The queen of the Undead 1000 5,000,000 A normal human with spider legs that can spawn undead. The more powerful the mob the longer it takes to summon. Can summon bosses but that can take up to an hour of intense concentration and hurts immensely. Divine law effects her in limited form but because she is so powerful she can bypass it for a couple days once a year. Can only fight her during does few days.
Fellnightie Black glowing swords enchanted with Sharpness III and Knockback II 89+ 49+ Black knights of the Fell, they are aggressive to all who enter without armor made of bedrock. Travel in huge groups all throughout the Fell lands. Alpha7658 (just tryna make this page more full)
Devourer It's just a name idea for now (Luntontius/Reaperoflives)
Scourge It's just a name idea for now (Luntontius/Reaperoflives)
Wraith It's just a name idea for now (Luntontius/Reaperoflives)
Ultra Dragon Breath of Doom(kills all who are touched by it)

Ultra magic

immeasurable immeasurable The ultra dragon is the guardian of life and death, could kill all beings if not bound until the worlds time to end
feral bladesinger Fast throw attack and enchanted with poison and Loyalty. 15 100 Wild, Ravaging Anthromorphed Wolves who attack in Groups
Angel Smite 100 10000 Hates Undead and fiendis creatures Angel spear,Angel halo,Angel shards,Angel wing
Snoth N/A 1-10 10 The cutest little thing A snoth shell,1 snoth,cooked if dead by fire.
Kamikazee Wither V 5 10 Gives Deadly status effect, but dies on contact, try to tame and use them on boss mobs.
Destroyer Wither VII [[2]] 100,000,000 Huge, with a great headbutting attack. Has Flame breath and other dragon like abilites Ethanwang1110
Electrogolem Iron fist cracking with electricity. Stuns for 5 seconds and does massive AoE damage 50-120 20 A really annoying creature, not meant to be killed. Has 12 500 hp. Is the guard of Herobrine’s castle. More of an annoyance then actuall threat because none of its attacks can kill you, only bring you down to 1 hp. Then it will just leave ya alone Oli3148
Spark Bites inflict incredible pain, but no damage 1-5 0 A tiny creature that sneaks around, often crawling into your clothing or shoes and biting you. Has 1 hp Oli3148


  • Name: Pretty intuitive.
  • The Number(s): You can leave this blank. We already know about 1-14 and 99 so don't do those. You can request up to 255.
  • How To Get There: How you get to the place. For example, you must make a portal to get to the nether.
  • Terrain: What the place looks like. Give a general idea.
  • Mobs and Races: Things that live here.
  • Structures: What is built here, such as Ruined Portals in the nether.
  • Special Things: Everything else. must be unique too the dimension or fairly limited.
Name Creator The number(s) How To Get There Terrain Mobs And Races Structures Special Things
Jeff I need username357 69 You can get there by pure luck (being randomly teleported, 1/69420 chance) The underside of your bed. N/A N/A N/A
The Slimelands Fignite 78 A portal to the Slimelands can be made by filling a 5x5x5 area with slime blocks and pouring water on top. The cube will implode, revealing a pool of green, brackish water (the portal). It is filled with the slime variants of regular blocks and mobs. There are slime trees, with aqua leaves that drip slime as if it were rain and sallow trunks. The ores are crystallized slime (diamond) and hardened slime (iron), which hide amid the expanse of slimestone (stone). Slimes, slime zombies, slimekons, slime-creepers, and variants of the above inhabit the Slimelands, as well as the Slime Serpent, a snakelike boss. Variants of the slime unique to this dimension include the Ochre, a sallow-colored slime one block high that climbs walls and drops from ceilings, giving Poison and Blindness on hit. Slime Villages are found within the Slimelands, which contain Slimefolk. Rather than emeralds, they trade with shimmerslime. All of the shimmerslime has been mined out, so one must trade with them to obtain it. There is Slimefog all through the dimension, reducing visibility (apparent light level) and FOV by 20%. In addition, slimeballs can be thrown, causing blindness and poison.
currently forgotten SuperEntity, Skull King, Entity909 unknown There is a substance called ancient powder, which sends you to the dimension when you touch it. Used to be a beautiful place, full of trees and plants until it was destroyed. Now is a barren land, completely made of crying obsidian and the occasional ore encased in it. Home to the Skull King and his subjects (who were intelligent wither skeletons) before it was destroyed. Now is inhabited by only a Hydra and an Emporer Scorpion. There used to be huge cities before the destruction. Now the palace of the Skull King is the only thing left.
Moon AGhast1 You make a giant ladder.

(Of course, we make a spaceship)

Lots of craters! None (We think) None (We think) Low Gravity
Silverwood Alpha7658 16 A naturally generating rare portal in some remote enchanted forest. Tall, white trees and silver leaves that grow golden apples in one biome, vast grey plains, with small gold trees everywhere. Certain elves not found in the overworld, and rarely anywhere else, white shags, and stellars. Elf villages, ancient white pillars, and floating white clouds inhabited by stellars, though the blocks themselves aren't solid (the structures exceed height limit). Automatic AOE Speed II and Leaping I.
Fellworld Alpha7658

(just tryna make this not look as empty)

110 A fell-portal in a nether dungeon. Extremely rare, and you must sacrifice a life to get through, one life per person, and that life must be your friend or close relative All black with huge hills filled with rare ores, with the exception of the Whitium plains, a sanctuary in the decaying biome. The Whitium plains biome has no natural things, besides the cloudite ore. (all references are from the fan ideas page) Fell hounds, Fellnightie, Endermen, Possibly Elves Black oval structures for a unknown purpose, possibly a shrine AoE Wither II unless you have a potion-effect-breaker enchantment somewhere, AoE poison IV if you try to drink or use potions
Eclipsia Komododragon360 (future account name). 255 Creatures with a shadow or evil affinity are born with an ability to teleport back and forth. Everything is made out of obsidian and Eclipsite is found commonly underground. Undead Shrines where you can learn the Eclipse knight class after for several weeks. Without shadow or evil affinity you take 5 damage every minute and that damage cannot be healed until you are out of Eclipsia.
Glitch Bladeking1099 (with credits to soundlord5 for coming up with the values) 50 Having bad FPS Forever changing

(From grass to dirt, to netherrack, etc)

Glitchy mobs. you might see pure black people, results of the shadow plague. Ruins of former towns and cities
Crystelia Alamora RisingDawn -4 building a nether portal out of Mythril blocks valuable gems This dimension is home to the rare and pure-hearted AuraWings a species of dragon made of clear quartz.

They are the guardians of the Master Shard and will fight fiercely to protect it. Other inhabitants here are Diamondbirds and the Crystal People.

Villages and towns made of quartz A large crystal called 'The master shard' is the source of all magic and its destruction will destroy all dimensions
Roque Snowy lama 21 Random holes that appear in the ground will sometimes lead here Stone and a grey sky Mostly rock beings live there and other metal people towns and cities made in large rock formations and underground
Smitherines Diary Of An 8-Bit Warrior Fan 98 Either dying and not wishing to be dead or summoning a dead person then killing them (A really strong regeneration potion or a potion of living is needed to survive there) Soul soil The dead that aren't willing to be dead None
Lolland Moomoo10101 97 The staff of laughs is used to send people there (Owned by Moomoo 10101) Colourful grass, dirt and sky BFBs, Moomoo10101 and filled with beasts that love to laugh, only killable by those with hearts of pure black. The LolPalace, home of Moomoo 10101
The Hylands Bladeking1099 27 Betraying herobrine Black skies and red grass The UnderDragon a dragon created by herobrine trapped in this dimension in the first great war by the twelve heroes none
The Hyperforce Snowy lama 96 Unknown The same as the overworld except it is entirely grey besides blue tendrils that sometimes come out of the ground facing towards the capital None None A large blue orb where the capital should be, if touched the person gains unbelievable power
Echolands XXCrimsonBLXx (edited without logging in) unknown Cast a certain ritual purple grass, huge glowing mushrooms instead of trees, some areas have dense jungles also with huge glowing mushrooms spectral mooshrooms, hostile giant snails, mutant millipedes, The Core (kinda like the world tree, but it’s a big glowing mushroom dungeons, ancient ruins, Royal Hall (home to The Core) a rare type of herb, that when eaten, grants a unknown buff
Ultra dimension 0 Where true dragons go after they die Mountains and mountains with a pit the size of a dimension that houses the ultra dragons Dragons King dragon mountain Dragon scale armor
The Edge a fan who hasn't signed in yet. A portal in the core of the pinnacal A dimendion sized spike, full of huge caves and mountain ranges beyond imagining. (reminder, this is still on a dimension sized spike)
The Clusterealm A FANDOM User 15 FInd a certain book that makes a portal Exact copy of the overworld but with no openings in the surface or caves. Also, the sun never rises and there is no moon. And you cannot mine the GROUND, but you can mine everything else. Shades and Phantoms.
The Ider Skycubb73 + a friend 256

(0 in the old code)

Sleep in a bed in the 2nd floor behind a Juke box with CD10 or CD11 in the first floor behind a empty ground floor
A flat world of Bedrock (y-64;y128) Herobrine lived here,

Cows, Sheeps,Pigs, chickens

Herobrine's House
The Ultra Ethanwang1110 150 Being chosen to go One big palace Humans



Good monsters

Adament Pillers
The ancient lands Oli3148 255 Once you find a jungle temple, 1/100000 chance that when you exit, a portal appears behind you. Ancient temples, raging rivers, lost kingdoms. A ton of high level and mythical beings. Lost kingdom, abandoned nuclear factory, raging river (with ruined docks), overgrown checkpoints, ancient temples(how you leave) and toppled stone structures. Ancient mines that contain half smelted ores and tons of valuables in their chests.
  • Potions
  • Effects: What does it do?
Name Creator Looks Effects
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Yell AGhast1 yellow-orange Anyone who drinks it can only yell.
Overgrowth Alpha7658 A splash potion with dark green liquid. When splashed on plants, has the same effects as bonemeal. Works in a ten-block radius.
wisp spode_mode1 gray. slight glow. for the next 3(times level of potion) minutes the user will fade in and out of existence
Stasis Fignite Black For one day, the drinker cannot move or jump, cannot mine blocks, cannot deal damage, cannot take damage, is invisible, and can see for only five blocks. The block below them cannot be broken, and water does not push them. They cannot pick up items, and their hunger does not decrease. They can still eat, but they cannot craft things or interact with blocks. Essentially removes them from the world.
Refresh Light green, slight orange tint Cures any hindering status effects and gives Swiftness 1 for an hour.
Yeeting Tie dye equiv to the knockback 100 enchant
god touched water spode_mode1 clear better version of holy water
Battle chug Oli3148 Light orange Strength 7, plus 100 VIT and STR