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Runt is the chosen being with proof. Runt is the champion of the overworld. I also have proof. It said the champion would take up the path of the warrior... well we all know Runt did that. It said the champion would be assisted by luck, he has always been very lucky. However, it also says his true power would come from inside. That ability he used in the battle of Villagetown came from his anger, which is an emotion, which is inside. mtth0w N/A
Steve and mike are from 2015. But many people are from 2039. (Jumanji 2) if you've watched that movie than it's a timeline confusion. All of them came apart by a few days. That is my proof. The other thing is that Aetheria/Minecraft (Depending if you're from 2015 or 2039.) runs on different timelines than earth. They might have come a few days apart. Yet in the real world. Decades must have passed. Leading from 2015 to 2039. That is my proof. But then it doesn't make sense. 20 minutes is one MC (Minecraft) day yet somehow minecraft days are way slower. It doesn't make any sense. And it would be very bad if 1 day was 24 hours like earth days. So the 1st theory of mine is what I will go with. Lordofpixels7 N/A
Enderstar/Nova is the Champion of the End with proof. Proof? Well here you go. The prophecy states that the champion of the end is from the end dimension and is bizarre. Well Nova (Enderstar) is from the end and is bizarre. With his very bright eyes and crazy ideas. Now this is declined by some people. But if CK says this is wrong. That means he's going against himself. Right? He wrote the book and made it like that. Nova reaches the requirements you know? So it isn't surprising. He might be evil now. But he can join the good mobs. If Lavacrest mobs were able to be good, surely Nova can too. Lordofpixels7 Decline it all you want that is the proof.
Greyfellow is the champion of the end with proof The prophecy states that the champion of the end is from thew end and is bizarre in nature. Well Greyfellow is obviously from the end. With his grey skin, blue eyes, and good intentions, he is bizarre in nature too. Infrasound7 This is true. Try to change my mind.
The whole terraria thing makes no sense if people say that it was not magic. Ok ok, so. Tell me what and how the heck they have the power to make millions go into Aetheria and Minecraft. IF the nukes went off. They'd need hundreds of nukes to make enough energy to do that. Or 2 antimatter bombs. Or 2 black hole generators. The fact that they have this by 2039 make me mad. Not only that. THEY'D HAVE TO ALSO HARNESS THE ENERGY FROM THE BOMBS OR GENERATORS AND SEND THEM TO AETHERIA. Also. What happened to their bodies? Did their bodies just stay there or did their bodies also get sucked in so that's how they feel pain. What is this. Plus. They have to live there forever. They can't go back because of the nukes. Sure from mine above about timelines yeah but still it takes millenniums for nuclear waste to be non radioactive. I mean they did mention war and timer to 0. So bombs might have gone off and they went in through magic. But when they come out bombs will still be there. It's impossible. They are stuck there now. Lordofpixels7 Look at the second one for more info.
Breeze and Runt will kiss at the end of WV17 Well in 16 they are an "item" they've held hands and hugged but never kissed. This is just the most supportive evidence. They've gotten warmer to each other and they eventually are a couple. What is stopping them from being EVEN CLOSER. OneOfThoseNates It would be cool if CK could hear this.
The Aetheria computer glitched as the world ended, and accidentally, instead of releasing the players minds, hacked their minds into the code of Minecraft. Well, it’s very likely that no one was maintaining the Aetheria server while it kept its players on at the end, and seeing as it must have been very big, and the bigger you make the computer, the more massive glitches, bugs, and entry points appear in the system. So, if something large went off, that means either Notch, Enity 303, Herobrine, or some other, bigger entity could have used those to gain entry to the system, hack players minds into the code, and then use them as unwitting devices for their side. This theory being true would also mean that they cannot return to their bodies, and that earth was then destroyed. Petalburst66
S remembers his real name, but remains mysterious and consistently moving to not be tracked. He remembers that Kolb is his friend, which already seems odd enough, considering that usually you would remember your name before your friends. Then he definitely has connections to Lyra and Glorm, and is one of the only players, posssibly the only player, to have just leveled up since the start of the crash. So, there can be a timeline established here. Starting with S spawning into Aetheria, freaking out, getting over it, getting into some type of danger big enough to have to change his name, and then moving around constantly to avoid detection. Somewhere along the way, he makes a promise to Emrillion and tells his friends about changing his name. Then starts trying to kill the skull lord, takes on pebble, goes to the tomb of the forgotten king, and then goes to ao.

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