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Currently, very little is known about Nelmi, but we have gotten some small bits of info here and there. For one, she has one known family member so far; her grandfather, who is level 100 and hunts Greater Beings such as Kajiu. She used to grant wishes to people who used a Wish Token (working for one of the Gods) She also appears to be sympathetic toward Eeebs and the Legionnaires, to the point where she sacrifices her job (which was apparently a good job), defying her orders and saving Eeebs from a Crypt Slime stampede.


Nelmi has green hair and skin, resembling a Limoniad. She also has a pair of wings, which are shown as white but with an iridescent sheen to them.


Before losing her job, she seemed detached and only looking to do her job so she could leave. However, she gradually warms up to Eeebs and the Legionnaires. She has clearly not visited the Overworld in a long time, as she seems to act nostalgic when talking about places in the Overworld.


  • She may be a Sylph, as they are commonly portrayed as having iridescent wings.
  • She may know a different language or slang because she says "You're such a nerb" to Eeebs and he said "What's a nerb?" as she saves Eeebs from the crypt slimes in the battle of the Halls of Agemmon in Tales of an 8-bit Kitten: A Call To Arms.