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Nessa Diamondcube (known to most as Lola) is a member of team Runt and a redstone genius. She is the inventor of the flying machine, a series of pistons and redstone blocks put together in a way that the machine floats and moves one direction in midair. 

Nessa became a warrior and took up the Path of the Sword at graduation. She has progressed very far in her combat skills. 


Lola and Eeebs, after the battle in WV16.

Nessa is a villager girl with blonde hair, who typically wears glasses that hide her eye color, however, when she's not wearing glasses her eye color is green. She wears a brown robe with a hat made from a creeper. While in an Elven village, she picks up some new auburn gear from a girly shop called The Unicorn.


Nessa is by far the happiest and most positive villager in all of Villagetown, and perhaps all of Aetheria. Her and Max are an item (a couple).

Series Timeline

WV12: Lola is introduced to Runt, and creates the Flying Machine.

WV15: Lola is invited with the rest of Runt's squad to the Greater Aetherian Academy, in Aetheria City, the capitol.


  • Lola was created by Cube Kid to honor the late Lola Salines, who was his editor for the 404 edition of the books before she died in the Paris attacks on November 13th, 2015. Cube Kid claims that one of the reasons he keeps writing is to honor Lola Salines.