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Nether Kitten is a short, 6-book series by Cube Kid. It's in parallel with the Wimpy Villager series.

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Eeebs, the main character, was playing with his friends for a bit, got lost, found a Nether portal, and entered it. Afterwards, he met a Ghast named Clyde. He taught Eeebs about the Nether and an Enderman named Enderstar, a mob so crazed that his brethren banished him from the End. Later he meets a witch named Eldra, who tells him that he was chosen by the nether, which gave him mysterious powers for a purpose. After coming to terms with this, he wandered around Eventually, Eeebs meets a Wither Skeleton named Batwing, a deserter from Enderstar's forces. He brings Eeebs to the city of Lavacrest, a town of magic and peaceful mobs led by an Endermage named Grayfellow. Soon after Eeebs' arrival to Lavacrest, two of his friends, Tufty and Meowz, went there and learned about their abilities and stuff. Grayfellow teaches Eeebs and his friends about their newfound powers and the Prophecy, an ominous foretelling of a war pitting the forces of good and evil against each other.