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Ophelia is the leader of Team All Girls, one of the most powerful student groups. With the help of her friends and employing skills of her own, she dominated the rankings, graduating at the top of her class. Ophelia, a leader at heart, chose the Path of the Diamond. She is currently dating Stump, who she clearly displayed feelings for when she asked him to dance at the graduation party.


Ophelia originally wore a black villager robe and has dirty-blonde hair. She later took to wearing a waitress’s outfit after being hired to work at the Enchanted Dragon. Whilst in Glimfrost, she found new armor at the Unicorn, which is pink and white and has a dog-like mask. She wields an emerald sword.


Ophelia is very honorable and determined, with her reluctance to loot the Unicorn and insisting on someday returning the gear. She also cares about her village’s reputation, as shown when she shamefully admits to bringing great dishonor to her village by failing her task. However, Ophelia is also shown to support her team and place a sense of duty in them.



Ophelia, like Runt, was tasked with leaving Villagetown on her own and finding an Aeon Forge. She found a job in Owl's Reach as a waitress for an inn, the Enchanted Dragon, working for the innkeeper Theor, but failed her job miserably by always being late, not earning enough emeralds to purchase the forge, and mixing up orders, which resulted in Theor firing her.

Runt and Breeze found her at the inn when she was thrown out, and helped her recover, due to her having Exhaustion III, Food Poisoning II, and Chill III. Using the Bed of Roses, they cured her and learned what happened. Ophelia was later invited to the Greater Aetherian Academy, in Aetheria City, along with the rest of Team All Girls. She is last seen after the battle, having asked Stump to be her boyfriend.