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Owl's Reach is a fortified settlement specialized to accommodate traveling adventurers, from armor shops to various inns. It's also home to a Temple to Entity, one of the Immortals.

This town is located to the northwest of the Spines of Ao, built snugly in a vast plain. The buildings within its cobblestone walls are exquisite marvels of architecture. The gravel pathways are filled with adventurers of all kinds, regardless of race, gender, or class, from practical Dark Dwarves to peddling traders.

Its infrastructure is specialized to suit any traveler's needs, from general stores selling supplies to inns providing lodging, the most famous of which is the Enchanted Dragon.

The plains around Owl's Reach are grounds used by Terrarians as a source of XP, in a method once known as grinding. The plains are also home to a small number of dungeons, such as the Tomb of the Forgotten King. This, coupled with the fact that many inhabitants of the town are quest-givers, makes Owl's Reach a popular place in the kingdom.

"The Enchanted Dragon"

"The Temple to Entity"