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Path of Exile is a spin-off of the book series Diary of an 8-bit Warrior. It stars Pebble and how he survives after being exiled from Villagetown. It also reveals more of his backstory and talks about his perspective, for example why he tried to kill Runt. This book is decidedly more mature and deeper than those of the other series.


Path of Exile

It appears to have been set sometime during the time that Pebble is exiled from the village, and it is assumed that it goes on for a while after the Diary of an 8-bit warrior series. Out alone in the wild, Pebble struggles with avoiding death, starvation, and pigmen trying to kill him (possibly hired by Herobrine). S also gets his first appearance in the books, however, this is not the first book in which they team up. During it all, he also has a plan to adventure, called Project Failboat.


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