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As long as he could remember, Pebble was pushed by his father (a wealthy miner) to excel at school since he was expected to one day take the role as Mayor of Villagetown.

Appearance Edit

Pebble used to wear a lime-green robe until exiled. Now he's clad himself in obsidian armor. He is a male villager with most of the typical male villager features.

Personality Edit

Pebble is currently a cautious, brave villager. Before he was exiled, he was a bully, show off, and just overall, very snotty and annoying. He changed after getting exiled from Villagetown. He was usually quite reckless, though he seemed to have turned more cautious, maybe even a bit paraniod, after his banishment.

Series Timeline Edit

WV5: Pebble made his first real appearance.

WV11: Pebble attempts to assassinate Runt while under the effects of a Confusion III potion.

WV12: Pebble is exiled from Villagetown.

PoE1:Hunted by pigmen, met S for the first time.

WV15: Pebble meets back up with Runt at the Tomb of the Forgotten King.

WV16: Pebble and S reach the Temple of the Sapphire Flame, and light its warning beacon.

Bio Edit

Despite all his best efforts, his dad always viewed him as a failure to the Graybanner family.

Pebble ended up spending most of his days in school taking out his pain on others, especially the noob named Runt (refer to 8-Bit Warrior books 2-4)

However, his life took a sharp turn when Herobrine began invading his dreams, pressing him to murder Runt. Pebble ignored this until one day when he spied Runt playing with Jello through his bedroom window.

Since mobs have been raiding Villagetown more than ever, and Urf, one of the former elders, betraying the village and turned to Herobrine’s side, people became cautious about who they spend time with. As a result, after Pebble saw Runt playing with Jello, he had a conspiracy that Runt was also a spy and harmed the village unless he was to be killed.

One night as Runt was walking back home, he and his gang grabbed him and took him to a room next to the eastern wall. They threw him into a hole, placed TNT into the outer walls, and fled the blast-zone. Runt survived and he climbed out of the ’valley‘ that was created under the eastern wall after the explosion and clashed with Pebble in a fierce duel. Runt won due to the enchantment from his cloak, only to see a zombie horde trying to exploit the new hole in the defense.

After clearing the invasion, Pebble realized his mistake and offered everything he had to Runt. He then admitted to the mayor that he was to blame for the sabotage, and was exiled for his crimes.

Afterwards, he spent weeks wandering the wilds, barely surviving on random item piles that were once other people. If it wasn't bad enough, he was also being pursued by a band of Pigmen trackers, and later managed to kill them, one by one. He later met S, who gave him obsidian armour and two redsteel axes.

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