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Pets are tamed creatures that will obey your commands and follow you. They can be obtained in many ways, and can take many forms, from dogs and cats to ghosts and shapeshifting piles of goo.

Pet Name Appearance Powers/Abilities/Talents How to Obtain
Dog It looks like a friendly wolf with a collar. Will chase most hostile mobs and bite them to deal damage (except for creepers). Find a wolf in the wild and tame it with bones.
Cat Many possible colors, depending on breed. Will chase creepers away. Find a cat/ocelot and tame it with raw fish.
Raven A small black bird that can fit into 1x1x1 spaces. This pet can fly, and once you have this pet, you will have the ability to see through its eyes, making it a sort of spy. Find a raven and tame it with seeds.
Fox small orange animal with a white-tipped tail. Will attack chickens. Find a fox in a taiga biome and tame it with sweet berries.
Feymare A peacful dragon with butterfly wings. Can fly quickly. Approach it while it's eating, freezing whenever it looks up. Feed it an acorn.
Ghost Small, semitransparent, white creature that glows slightly. Leaves a trail of ectoplasm that can slow down enemies in battle. Can also shoot bits of ectoplasm to blind and slow enemies. Become the Underlord class.
Golem A small metal creature like a miniature iron golem. They are capable of changing the material they are made out of, giving them different abilities. Dexterous arm can carry items and perform simple tasks like moving items from one container to another, basic crafting, brewing, and cooking. Become the Articifer class.
Imp A 1-block tall human with a michevious mind. Can be used to do dangerous tasks such as crawling into a small space, or scouting a possibly dangerous area. Become the Warlock class.
Tree Spirit A small wooden sapling with eyes. The Hierophant can have many of these creatures, which can team up to destroy enemies one by one. Become the Hierophant class.
Kajiu (Temporary) Huge dragonlike beasts. Breath of Magical Frost, Devour, Stomp, Wish Token
Slime A slime is an amorphous, amoeba-like creature. It can take forms such as an, iron slime, or perhaps even adamant. It can assist in combat as a distraction, and deal damage if large enough. When harmed, it splits into other slimes. They may be tamed when young.
Bat a small creature that is furry with small, leathery wings Can carry items with claws and scout areas. Works as a Familiar.