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Before The Crash, a quest was a weekly NPC generated task which involved helping NPCs with various tasks, and exploring dungeons. Some would be quite easy, such as helping a farmer, while others would be extremely difficult such as raiding a high-level dungeon. There are individual quests, quest chains, and the most complicated, quest trees.

Interestingly, some quests still function as they do in the Aetheria Server before The Crash, such as The Tomb of the Forgotten King- with periodic resets and remnants of the Server's scripting.

Existing quests

Title Orchestrator(s) Reward Description People involed
A call to arms


King Runehammer II

Grand Magister Alfric

800 Emeralds

2,500 XP

Help eliminate 100 monsters near any settlement west of Morningvale. Glorm, Lyra, Eeebs
The Prophecy The Gods Making Herobrine easier to defeat

May contain more rewards

A complex quest tree which contains many people that are destined to do certain things. Hundreds. some of them are as follows; Kolb, Ione, Runt, Breeze, Eeebs, Meowz, and Tufty.
Unnamed quest (completed) Random blacksmith 750 Emeralds Retrieve glowmoss fom The Tomb of the Forgotten King. Runt, Breeze

Quest Offices

Quest Offices are locations situated in various settlements, built by the Knights of Aetheria. Supposedly, a Knight of Aetheria heard from a Terrarian about the quests in the original game, and was fascinated at the idea. Thus, the Quest Office was created.

One would arrive at a Quest Office, and explain any hardships that they may face to the Questmaster. They would explain their problem, and their reward. Willing players would then finish the quest and then claim the reward.

Quest Invitations

If for any reason someone decided to Invite someone to a quest they would send them a screen like this

Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 12.10.49 PM.png