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NPCs or players either fall into a race or are a mob (NPC only; players cannot be mobs). In the Aetheria Server, players could choose, and possibly change later on, their race. This data was carried over after the Crash. Most races have bonuses to certain areas, which can influence a player's choice, and can be used to predict NPC professions, as NPCs will generally specialize in things that their race gives bonuses to. There are certain exceptions, such as combat NPCs, but this rule generally applies otherwise.

Race Racial Bonuses Description
Human Multifaceted — Gain a 5% XP bonus when you have two classes within five levels of each other.

Adaptive — Requirements to gain a class are reduced by 25%.

Wayfarer — Gain an attribute point for each new town and dungeon visited.

The most common race in Aetheria. There are three types of humans: Northern (who have light skin), Western (who have dark skin), and Highborn (or as they're more commonly known, Villagers).
Moon Elf Shadowsight- Increased visibility in low light A reclusive subspecies of elves. It is uncommon to find them outside of Silverwood biomes.

Attributes: +10 AGI, INT and KAR

Dusk Elf Gift of the Ocean— +15% to swimming and fishing skills. When swimming, a Dusk Elf moves like a dolphin.

Unearthly Grace— +5% bonus to one’s Karma attribute.

Seacraft— Gain a 25% bonus to crafting any item that requires coral, seashells, seaweed, opal, sea salt, drift wood, sea creatures (fish, clams, squid, etc) or shadowmoss.

Shadowsight— Visibility in low light conditions is 25% superior to a human’s

Water Attunement— The rate at which a Dusk Elf replenishes water mana is 25% faster than normal when submerged or partially submerged in water (including rainfall) for at least ten minutes per day.

Their culture was once highly evolved, their kingdom more beautiful and peaceful than any other. They were nearly eradicated at the hands of the Eyeless One's servants. Since then, they have renamed themselves as the Dusk Elves. They once were known as Iaoao E'aeai. Iaoao E'aeai translates to The Children of The Cove.

Attributes: +10 AGI, INT and KAR

Rain Elf Rain Elves are highly intelligent, very secretive and they live in forests like moon elves, but are more tribal. With shamans and so on, most live in the lands south of Eohune but some adventuring souls among them have gone north.

Attributes: +10 AGI, INT and KAR

Dark Elf Similar to Moon Elves in appearance. Presumably with a much higher affinity with shadow.

Attributes: +10 AGI, INT and KAR

Dark Dwarf Dwarven Fortitude— All dwarves attempt to resist twice any poison, disease, knockdown, or stun. However, this second attempt is made with a significant penalty.

Feytouched— Due to their fey heritage, dwarves resist spells at a slightly higher rate than average.

Stonecraft— +25% bonus to any crafting attempt with an item at least partially made of stone, gemstone, mushroom, or the meat of any monster or animal commonly found underground (including slimes, bats, and rats). Outside of this, a +10% bonus is applied to crafting attempts of weapons and armor of any metal.

Gem Affinity— Dark Dwarves may wear an additional accessory as long as it features gemstones.

Earthsense— Dwarves have an uncanny ability to detect unusual features in stone. They are treated as having the Scout ability of second power level with any stone features, allowing them to better detect cracks, traps, and secret buttons (or doors). They are also able to ascertain their current elevation when underground and may have a "feeling" whenever they're near a particularly large treasure horde, underground river, or cavern.

Enhanced Shadowsight— The eyes of a dwarf are similar in composition to a cat's eyes, and this provides twenty times the low light vision of a human.

Dark Dwarves, also known as Blue Dwarf, Low Dwarf and Underdwarf, are Dwarves who typically live in the Underworld, beneath the bedrock layer. Some of their kind are known to venture to the surface, those struck with wanderlust or a sense of adventure.

Skin: Dark gray to gray with a blue tint.

Hair: Bright white or black with a blue tint.

Eyes: Black to deep red.

Ears: Cross between human and elf.

Nose: Short, wide, rotund.

Average height: 4'10 male, 4'7 female

Other features: Somewhat stout body overall, with thick limbs, hands and feet.

Attributes: +10 STR, VIT and RES

Fire Dwarf Shadowsight- Increased visibility in low light

Fell Sense: Sense the presence of corrupted fell magic.

So named for their fiery orange hair, as well as their affinity for technology, including Redstone, explosive devices and even Redstone tanks. They were also the creators of Corrupt magic, and are able to use certain corrupted items only they can use. They were made nearly extinct during the Second Great War.
Mycon A very friendly, peaceful race of mushroom folk native to the Void. It is said they know of a special form of magic, and are the most talented race in regards to crafting, particularly of various crystals.
Limoniad Nature beings with ties to meadows and plains. Green skin and long ears. Very rare.
Urlynx Person with cat ears/tail.
Goblin A race of human-like people with green skin and pointy ears. Most appear to have a build for a rogue class.
Oread Like the Limonaids, only with ties to mountains. Golden skin and long ears. Very rare. It is said a male Oread was one of the twelve heroes who fought in the final battle.
Deep Gnome We are not sure, however they are likely short and live underground.
Merrow Fish-people native to the void
Faerie Shadowsight- Increased visibility in low light Small beings with purple skin and rainbow butterfly-like wings. Exceedingly fast. Reclusive. They can be found in Voidmantle Woods.
Lupin Shadowsight- Increased visibility in low light Humanoid wolves. Nomadic in nature.
Foxtail A human with Kitsune blood, possessing fox ears and a tail. 1/4 Fox
Dracon Human-Dragon hybrids.
Lizardman Similar to Dracons, but they lack some of the draconic traits.
Sylph Ione’s race. Their abilities are unknown, but they may have the ability to fly.
Rifter Users of Spatial Magic.
Shadowpaw A race of blue cat-people. They likely live in the cleft, seeing as one of their cities is called Bramblecleft. Their government is a monarchy.
Pigman A race of pig-people. Mango chose this race.