Race Description
Human The most common race in Aetheria. There are three types of humans: Northern (who have light skin), Western (who have dark skin), Highborn (or as they're more commonly known, Villagers), and Endermen, who are extremely intelligent Northern humans. ( They also originally discovered the Wither. )
Illager A type of Highborn with gray skin. They gain bonuses to the Witch, Evoker, Vindicator, Illusioner, and Pillager classes. ( They have grey skin because they spend too much time indoors. )
Moon Elf A reclusive subspecies of elves. It is uncommon to find them outside of Silverwood biomes.
Dusk Elf Their culture was once highly evolved, their kingdom more beautiful and peaceful than any other. They were nearly eradicated at the hands of the Eyeless One's servants. Since then, they have renamed themselves as the Dusk Elves. They once were known as Iaoao E'aeai. Iaoao E'aeai translates to The Children of The Cove.
Dark Elf Subspecies of elf proficient in Shadow magic.
Rain Elf Perform rain dances during storms to predict the future. They have long, pointy ears and a small body.
Dark Dwarf Dwarves who typically live in the Underworld, beneath the bedrock layer. Some of their kind are known to venture to the surface, those struck with wanderlust or sense of adventure.
Fire Dwarf So named for their fiery orange hair, as well as their affinity for technology, including Redstone, explosive devices and even Redstone tanks. They were made extinct during the Second Great War.
Piglin A race of pig-like humanoids. Tribal and shamanistic. love gold
Irontusks A creation of Herobrine's. They are 3 blocks tall and are very smart. Usually possess the Underlord class due to their inherent darkness and evil.
Moldsnout Subset of Pigman. Powers and abilities unknown.
Bramblemane Subset of Pigman. Powers and abilities unknown.
Sahagan A race of fish-like people who live in the Aether. Extremely fierce warriors, it is said that they hold secret crafting recipes for extremely powerful, magic resistant armor.
Aerakkoa A race of bird-like humanoids that live in the Aether. They are among the highest evolved in regards to magical knowledge. Yet they refuse to communicate with outsiders.
Riverfolk ???
Mycon A very friendly, peaceful race of mushroom folk. It is said they know of a special form of magic, and are the most talented race in regards to crafting, particularly of various crystals.
Kobold A sub-species of goblin capable of making advanced siege weaponry
Limoniad Nature beings with ties to meadows and plains. Green skin and long ears. Very rare.
Urlynx Person with cat ears/tail.
Dryad Nature spirits that live in trees and are proficient with Earth magic.
Goblin A race of human-like people with green skin and pointy ears. Most appear to have a build for a rogue class.
Oread Like the Limonaids, only with ties to mountains. Golden skin and long ears. Very rare. It is said a male Oread was one of the twelve heroes who fought in the final battle.
Gnome ???
Merrow Fish-people
Faerie Small beings with purple skin and rainbow butterfly-like wings. Exceedingly fast. Reclusive. They can be found in Voidmantle Woods.
Lupin Humanoid wolves. Nomadic in nature.
Kitsune Thought to be extinct. A race of fox people who are highly adept at the magical arts.
Wolfkin Humans with Lupin blood. They typically have a wolf's ears and tail.
Foxtail A human with Kitsune blood, possessing fox ears and a tail.
Shadowpaw A race of humanoid cats with blue fur and puffed-up head fur styled to look like hair. They gain bonuses to Shadow magic.
Neko A human with Shadowpaw blood, possessing blue cat ears and a tail.
Dracon Human-Dragon hybrids. They look like a humanoid dragon, possessing scales instead of skin, wings, a tail, and even a breath weapon. They can possess the appearance of any type of dragon, which alters their scale color and breath weapon. They also gain a bonus to whatever element of dragon they choose.
Lizardman Similar to Dracons, but they lack some of the draconic traits. They still have scales (and the elemental bonus), but no breath weapon or wings.
Ironsoul Robots created thousands of years ago by the Highborn. They are intelligent and logical. Rare.
Sylph Ione’s race. Their abilities are unknown, but they may have the ability to fly.
Rifter Users of Spatial Magic.

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