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"Ravensong Forest is a vast collection of woodland biomes and is the largest forest in Ardenvell. It's given this distinction by its size, a massive 125,000 square kilometers. It's comprised of many diverse biomes, from simple Taiga,'s on its north edge, on the foothills of the Spines of Ao, to the otherworldly Silverwood groves, where the Moon Elves dwell. Many fortresses from the Second War lie ruined beneath Ravensong's trees, including the Eyeless One's outpost, the Keep called Stormgarden."

- From the Book of Lore


Ravensong is a forest with woodland biomes and is the largest in Ardenvell. It is very large and is so dense the sunlight barely reaches the ground.

The trees are much larger than most regular biomes. Even larger than jungle trees or standard redwood forests. The Spines of Ao are directly above.

Many ruins from the Second Great War lay below the trees and other areas such as Stormgarden Keep. And many villages such as Glimfrost and Silverfall exist under the leaves.

Ravensong Forest is at the front end of a rain shadow. Moisture from the ocean goes north and all is deposited in the forest. The area up north of the Spines of Ao is dry.