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Description & Backstory

S is a treasure hunter and adventurer who befriends Pebble after his exile. S is very mysterious with little known about him, not even his full name. He seems to be very skilled and very knowledgeable about Aetheria and is of a high level.

Shortly after Pebble is exiled, S takes him in. He gives him two Redsteel axes and a set of obsidian armor.

In 8-Bit Warrior 5 (Quest Mode), S says he made a promise to someone named Emerillion (who he asks where they are)which is one of the reasons why he continues to explore this world. (The other reason is that he wants to learn more.) Also it is found in the second nether kitten book that he has connections to Lyra Aetherstar and Glorm.


S is very stern and serious. When his teammates are slacking off, he isn't afraid to shout to get them to focus.

S is usually seen with a scowl on his face.


S has blonde-white hair and black eyes, otherwise looking like the average human. He wears leather armor and a green scarf.


S wears light leather armor with a green bandana/scarf. He wields an emerald greatsword. He possibly has redsteel gear or the material itself, seeing that he gives Pebble some redsteel axes.