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Sir Elric Darkbane is the leader of the Knights of Aetheria. He alone possesses the unique rank of "Flamebearer". He is regarded by many as the best swordsman in the Overworld, and is known for a monster kill count of over two hundred during the attack on Moonglow, of which he is one of three survivors.


Doesn't follow normal villager traditions by not shaving his hair and wearing a bandanna on his neck.


His speech is slightly Aetherian posh. Most other times is very formal.


The armor he wears possesses enchantments of an unknown nature, perhaps modified through experimental means, most likely in the Tower Eternal. His weapon of choice is the Excaliber Blade, a legendary-tier greatsword known for its various on-hit enchantments. He also has a necklace known as the Token of Everflowing Thought. Like all knights of Aetheria, he carries a lantern.

Item Type Material Damage Speed Armor Enchants
Weapon Excaliber Blade Greatsword < 25 3.5 < Storm Ⅴ

Stone Ⅱ

Empower Ⅲ

Sunder Ⅶ

Wounding Ⅹ

Accessory Token of Everflowing Thought Necklace

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