Aetherian Wiki

Skills measure how good you are in a certain area. For example, if you had a good stealth skill, you would be really stealthy and so on.

A score of 100 means competent, while the maximum a skill can go up to normally is 1000, but with class bonuses, enchantments, and certain races, the skill may increase even more.

Skill Description
Combat Indicates adeptness in handling weapons, attacking, parrying, etc.
Casting The equivalent of combat for magic.
Crafting Competence in crafting items using recipes.
Building Competence in creating structures of any kind.
Farming Competence in tending to and farming all sorts of crops.
Mining Competence in mining for ores.
Trading Competence in bargaining for items and trading with others.
Enchanting Competence in using an enchantment table and enchanting live beings.
Brewing Competence in brewing potions.
Fishing Competence in fishing.
Cooking Competence in crafting food items in particular, as well as baking and utilizing furnaces.
Riding Competence in taming and riding animals.
Stealth Indicates how stealthy one can be.
Scouting Competence in being a scout.
Swimming Competence in swimming.
Music Competence in playing instruments and singing.