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Slach (pronounced "slash") is a Barbarian allied to the Lost Legion. He is a skilled martial artist, and a believer. He believes all the NPCs are real and that Aetheria is a real world.


Prior to the crash, Slach studied martial arts and about vikings and mythology. During the crash, Slach was at his house while his family was out.

He saw the bombs come from the sky and felt the Earth shake from his room. He plugged in his VR in his last moments and was transported to Aetheria.

In Aetheria, he looked after those who can't fight for themselves, or those who didn't want to fight. He also fought hard, using his skills in martial arts.

He grouped up with the Lost Legion and his friend Extreme. He currently is an adventurer looking for raw ore and is Extreme's partner in his metal shop.


Slach is a Pyro-Barbarian with great strength and combat skill, and fire-throwing abilities.

He also knows advanced martial arts which gives him an edge in combat.


He has a blacksteel armor set he named "The Ash Armor Set" forged for him by Extreme. His chestplate is lighter than the rest of his armor, and made with a small amount of leather.

-Gauntlet of the Ashes

-Chestplate of the Ashes

-Greaves of the Ashes

-Boots of the Ashes

-Flame Cape

He also carries the nodachi "Tempest*. He uses clay IEDs, or Improvised Explosive Devices in combat provided by Extreme.

He is in possession of a legendary item named the "King's Chalice". Any potion drank out of it will have their effect multiplied by 1/4, or 25%