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Description[edit | edit source]

Steph, most likely short for Stephanie, is a Baker and member of the Lost Legion. She resides with the rest of the Legion in the Lost Keep.

Steph is a high Baker class, knowing how to craft food items others don't, like cinnamuffins and pufferfish cakes. She is also close with a majority of the Legion, including Lylla, Hurion, Leo and Kolb. After meeting Eeebs and helping to explain classes to him, she later is present at the clan meeting discussing the Prophecy. After this she acts in the play created by the Legion to explain how they arrived in Aetheria, before a goblin attacks the mayor.

Soon after, the Underlord Urrrm and his forces attack Villagetown, and Steph assists in the attack, helping Eeebs and Kae take out a mudsnout. She later remains behind whilst Eeebs, Drill and Kae investigate some pigmen in red robes, which lead them into the dungeon known as the Halls of Agemmon. After the battle, Steph can be seen with the rest of the Legion talking to Eeebs and assisting in reconstruction.

Steph is a human female with reddish hair and green eyes. She wears a grey outfit with a similar appearance to the Lost Legion Battlesuit, and a white apron.

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