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"That's how we do it on Earth" - Steve after defeating a horde of zombies outside the wall.


Steve is a Terrarian adventurer who passed by Villagetown often during his trips. He taught the villagers how to build the perimeter wall.

He is portrayed as "kind" and "caring" to Runt, often trying to improve his skill and give him advice.


Shortly after the crash, Steve built a large well-built stone fortress surrounded by a lava moat. However, the monsters found it and besieged it. They constructed a "witch bridge": witches drinking fire resistance potions to create a bridge to traverse the lava, and destroyed the entire base.

He fled to Villagetown, exhausted and ravenously hungry after travelling in the woods for so long. He would fall into depression, and be unable to wake up. However, he would become the hero he used to be by killing an annoying spider, and killing a large number of mobs outside the wall. He was then made the combat teacher, along with Mike.

This enraged Urf, the former combat teacher, who wrote books and guides portraying Steve as a "Noob". Steve quits his job out of anger toward Urf and pursues Redstone. Drill replaced him as the combat teacher after he leaves, being a much more brutal teacher.

After living in Villagetown for months, he decided to leave for the outside, to bring news of Villagetown's plan of assault on Herobrine's forces. He had not been seen since.

Before The Crash, Steve is said to have a friend named "Marky" - a skilled crafting and redstone engineer.

Series timeline

WV1 - Steve first appears. He teaches Runt basic combat and crafting skills, during which Runt also learns to overprice items, a key aspect to being a successful trader.

??? - Steve leaves Villagetown for the capital. He is not mentioned after this in the books, although Cube Kid has mentioned that he now owns a shop in Aetheria City.

Powers and Abilities


Steve displays great martial skill, able to tear apart mobs. He proved himself in front of the whole village. His strength and skill is easily the best in Villagetown. He is also quite intelligent as he works with redstone, and he programmed an iron golem to try to make pizza. During a raid, he is able to fight with only a wooden sword and a leather tunic.

Steve is also shown to be proficient at construction, building a house with significant defensive abilities, with the help of Mike.


Steve, along with Mike, has the ability to respawn. Whenever he dies, he reappears at the last place he slept (his spawnpoint), albeit without his items. This effectively means he cannot permanently die. It is unknown how he got this ability.


He has a craving for Earth food. He always talks about how he wants pizza, hamburgers, popcorn, tortillas, omelets and more.

The garage that Lola used for her redstone creations was made by Steve.


Steve's classes and abilities are largely kept secret - he possibly has no idea about the non-Vanilla aspects of Aetheria

but it's likely he chose a warrior class.