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Stormgarden Keep is a small, yet strongly defended, fortress that is under the control of Herobrine. It is located close to Villagetown, Glimfrost, and Owl’s Reach, being at the edge of Ravensong Forest.

At some unknown point in time, presumably during or after the Second Great War, the Knights of Aetheria established an outpost in Ravensong, that would later become Stormgarden. Centuries before the events of Wimpy Villager 16, it was abandoned by the Knights for unknown reasons, although Herobrine’s return may have had something to do with that. After this, the Keep remained unoccupied until Herobrine sent a majority of the monsters in the area to Stormgarden. They now occupy the lower levels, where there aren’t too many traps.

During the events of Wimpy Villager 16 and Nether Kitten 6, Herobrine deployed a large monster army, led by his apprentice Urrm the Underlord, to Villagetown. By the time Team Runt, Cog, Ophelia and the Knights of Aetheria arrived at Villagetown, the siege was in full swing. Aside from foot soldiers and Urrm, a large amount of Nethermancers, mostly bramblemanes, were sent into the inner streets but were defeated by Eeebs and the Lost Legion. All of the monsters, including Urrm, were killed in the battle, but Stormgarden currently is still in the Eyeless One’s control. 

While in Owl's Reach, a pigman came up to Runt, demanding that he come with him to the Keep for an interrogation.