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Stump Goldenfeather is Runt's best friend. He first wanted to become a baker before his choice to be a warrior; and because of this, he has a great understanding about crafting food, and is extremely skilled.

Once he heard that student's in Villagetown could graduate as warriors, Runt and Stump immediately pursued after this goal. Since then Stump achieved his goal and is now a tank, with Runt as his captain. He is now dating Ophelia. He treated Nessa (most commonly known as Lola) with good respect and most likely had a crush on Lola at first.


Before leaving Villagetown, Stump wore a red villager robe with a ninja hood, similar to Runt's. He wore full armor, presumably iron, that looked much like a medieval knight's style of armor. Recently in WV16/8BW6, he upgraded to endersteel plate armor.


Stump is extremely loyal to his friends, willing to buy a shield that costed all the emeralds he carried at the time of purchase in order to better protect his friends. Like his friend, Runt, it is difficult for him to process new and shocking information. He often stammers when he's talking, which can be perceived as shy, but Stump has proved that he is quite social.


WV1, Stump is introduced into the series. WV12, Stump becomes a warrior under Runt. WV15, Stump is invited to the Greater Aetherian Academy, in Aetheria City, the capital. In WV16, he returns to Villagetown to find it burning to the ground, and participates in the battle of Villagetown along with the rest of Team Runt.