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A Call To Arms

A Call to Arms is the title of the Second Book in the Tales of an 8-bit kitten, and features many new things such as Eeebs and his adventures with the Lost Legion, and a Kaiju and a Red Wyrm, along with finally revealing the Lost Keep along with a new dungeon, called the Halls of Agemmon.


Nether Kitten 5.

"Eeebs wakes up to find Breeze is gone. He meets some Legionnaires who take him to the Lost Keep. There Eeebs learns alot of new stuff. Later some legionnaires take him to the clothing castle and make Eeebs humanoid so he can equip gear. Later they give him armor and a sword. He trains on a training golem."

Nether Kitten 6.

"Eebs meets Lyra. Later he attends the play and watches it until the mayor is attacked. Eebs takes part in the battle and follows a pigman into a dungeon. He meets Glorm and fights the final guardian along with him and Lyra. Some legionnaires arrive. Huron summons a Kaiju and they clear the dungeon. Later Eeebs meets Runt."