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Lost in the Nether

Lost in the Nether follows the adventures of Eeebs as he find himself in the harsh landscape of the Nether.


"Eeebs would never be a normal cat again. His days of climbing trees and swatting at butterflies were over. Stories would spread among the villages, stories of a strange kitten with blue fur and violet eyes.

He hadn't listened to his mom.
He'd ventured into the Nether."

When Eeebs disobeys his parents, he finds himself in a strange world full of frightening creatures and fiery hazards: the Nether. With the help of an almost-happy ghast and a somewhat-friendly witch, however, the kitten discovers his new supernatural abilities. But will these be enough to stop the army of EnderStar, a rogue enderman set on dominating the Overworld? To save his home, Eeebs must fulfill an ancient prophecy and become the champion of the Nether. - Tales of an 8-bit Kitten: Lost in the Nether