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Team Runt, also known as Team Danger Kitty, is one of the three known warrior teams that Villagetown has.

The Story so far:

Team runt started with Runt and his best friend Stump, they wanted to become warriors. Later they teamed up with Sarah and Ariel to help defeat max, but soon Sarah and Ariel decided they were better off with Pebble, so they joined Pebble's crew, leaving Stump and Runt alone. But soon, Team Runt joined forces with Max's crew to become even stronger.

Soon, after Project Squidboat, Emerald joined Team Runt. Later, after Breeze and Runt got permanently partnered, Runt invited Breeze to join team Runt and she agreed. Before the Redstone test Runt lets Lola join which slows them a lot, but when Team Runt suddenly bounces back to the top at the final, Runt states that Lola smiled so brightly that any zombie in disguise would start burning (even if it is wearing a helmet).

Later on, in WV15, Runt and Breeze fought Urf/Nethersoul with Pebble and S, later buying an Aeon Forge from Feathers. At the start of WV16, Team Runt is reunited and they embark on a trip to the capital with a small Knights of Aetheria envoy, only to turn back and head to Villagetown in order to assist them in fending off a portion of Herobrine's army.


  1. Runt
  2. Stump
  3. Max
  4. Breeze
  5. Emerald
  6. Lola

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