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The Aether is the 5th dimension. It is very dark and star-filled with islands of Aetherstone. The primary mode of transportation is a "Spectral Raven" which is a very fast chicken-like bird. It can be tamed easily with beetroot or sugar. It is hard to travel between the islands without these because of the long distances.


Many different races tend to inhabitant the larger islands. The most common are the Sahagan, fish people, and Aerakkoa, bird people, who are mostly peaceful but are perfectly capable of defending themselves.

"A Spectral Raven"


In the series, when Runt reads the book given to him by Max, it says:

The fifth dimension, the Aether, consists of vast isles of Aetherstone suspended in a black, star-filled void. Many different races inhabit the larger isles, most notably the fishmen and the birdmen, the names of which have been lost through the ages. Although these people are peaceful, it should be noted that they are perfectly capable of defending themselves. As the distance between each isle can be vast, the most efficient method of traveling between them is through the use of a flying mount [image caption: "A Spectral Raven"], particularly a spectral raven: a bird native to this dimension, found on many of the largest isles and quite easily tamed with beetroots and sugar. The fastest among them can rival an ender dragon in speed.