Location[edit | edit source]

The Greater Aetherian Academy is located somewhere in the capital. 

Purpose[edit | edit source]

The Greater Academy strives to prepare aspiring young heroes for the rigorous life of an adventurer. During times of war, it works closely with the royal council and the many guilds to train thousands of commoners as adventurers, who will support the kingdom's military using whatever skills they posses. Some of these young trainees were drafted -- sometimes, even before graduation -- and invited to very prestigious guilds such as the Knights of Aetheria and the Holy Order of Dawnblaze. Many trainees joined craft guilds and assisted the kingdom as a blacksmith, stone mason, alchemist or other such profession.

On the 15th Day of Frost Harvest, every city, town and village with more than 100 doors was required to send "fifteen of its finest young men and women to the capital" for training. This was due to the Realm Levy, an effort to raise more manpower due to the world situation devolving into total war.

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The Basics[edit | edit source]

The Academy is a more advanced training level. It involves choosing a class, and eventually learning many Classes. You will also be able to unlock your visual enchantment, and learn Abilities. The Academy is open to all Races.  

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