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The Halls of Agemmon was a dungeon found underneath Villagetown in Tunnel 67, which was previously blocked. It appeared during Nether Kitten 6.

This dungeon was once a high dwarf area, an ancient structure. Therefore, the mobs do not respawn.


Diary of an 8-bit Villager Warrior

Runt mentions that some miners mined into a giant room made of gold and copper. They are excited until they here a deep hissing. They run out and block the entrance with 6 layers of cobblestone and a fence, as well as naming it Tunnel 67 and putting a bunch of signs telling people to keep out.

Tales of an 8-bit Kitten: A Call to Arms/Nether Kitten 6

Eeebs chases a pigman mage only to find he went into Tunnel 67. He goes in and finds out that Tunnel 67 is in fact a dungeon. He found Glorm dueling Bayliss, and fought alongside Glorm, who fought and defeated Bayliss, however, they failed to stop Bayliss and the rest of Nova's followers from completing a ritual that would awaken all the monsters in a certain radius.

At first, only the Red Wyrm, the Final Guardian, appeared. Eeebs, Glorm, and Lyra were able to hold it off until The Lost Legion arrived. Using his wish token, Hurion summoned Nelmi and a Kaiju. At first, it seemed like the Kaiju had the upper hand.

Then, a large number of mummies, ice golems, crypt slimes, zombie trolls, and a Lurker arrived. While the Kaiju and The Lost Legion focused on the new mobs, Glorm and Eeebs tanked the Red Wyrm. Nelmi later joined in after saving Eeebs from the Crypt Slimes, blasting the monsters with a high-level Fire Cube spell.

The loot was a huge ton of XP, a few hundred dragon scales, a shard of Critbringer, pocket stables, and dragon affinity (one requirement for dragon related classes) for all participants.

Monsters of the Halls of Agemmon (1st appearance)
Monster HP Average Level Information
Cake Slime 5 35 Weak bite attack that does no more than 1 damage. Looks like a slime with pieces of cake on his face.
Zombie 20 35 Your average zombie. pretty weak.
Crypt Slime 100+ 35 Melee attacks resulting acid splash damage and a 250-500 durability loss to the attacks weapon depending on the material it is made out of.
Lurker 1000+ 35 It has several gaze-type abilities, such as Eye of Woe and Death Glare.
Zombie Troll 300+ 35 Basically a zombie owltroll. Has significant strength.
Ice Golem 800+ 35 AoE slow aura.
Mummy 200+ 35 Gives muffin rot debuff to anything that it touches.
Red Wyrm 6000+ 35 The boss of The Halls of Agemmon. It has several abilities such as Flame Breath, Devour, and Tail Sweep.