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The Mayor is the head Elder and commander/leader of Villagetown, the village located east of Ravensong Forest.

The Mayor leads the village in a very orderly way, and will not permit any nonsense from anybody in Villagetown. It is unknown where he comes from for certain, but most likely he grew up in Villagetown and lived there all of his life. Although he is strict, he is not a tyrannical leader.


The Mayor is an elderly villager male with a gray unibrow and facial hair, who wears a red robe.


He possesses large amounts of wisdom but still knows little about the outside world. He no longer has the physical strength required for strenuous activities such as mining, farming and combat, but he still has strong leadership skills and was briefly able to assist the schoolchildren in fending off against a zombie attack when Pebble exploded a hole in the wall. It is also shown that he may have an ego, since he forced Runt to "admit" that any negative comments about the Mayor were fictional.

He draws attention to Runt and Breeze to give people hope.

Series Timeline

Pre-Series: He became mayor.

WV1: He declares that the top 5 students can choose to become Warriors, in response to the mob raids.

WV12: The mayor officially declares the Path of the Sword and the Path of the Diamond.

WV16: He is nearly killed by an arrow containing Poison V and Frostwisp Venom XXV.

AO1: Grimgor the Dwarf cures him of the Frostwisp Venom using a Spellcrush Potion.