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The Prophecy is a mysterious foretelling of the third and final war between the forces of good and evil, first revealed in Nether Kitten. Although it declares the coming of two Saviors from Terraria (a human named Kolb, and a Sylph named Ione), it also speaks of battles, sieges, and the utmost importance of the descendants of 12 legendary Heroes. It has at least seven chapters.

The Saviors are not destined to fight alone, however. 5 Chosen Beings will aid them in their journey; a young Villager who would take up the sword and become one of Ardenvell's greatest tacticians, and will have divine aid in the form of incredible luck, a champion from the Overworld; 3 unknown creatures who would take the forms of monsters and be blessed with higher intelligence, champions of the Nether; and a 5th unknown Being, whose form and being are entirely unknown, a champion of the End.

(The identities of 3 have been found; Eeebs and the Nether Kittens are the 2nd-4th)

Aside from this, the Prophecy describes many events that will happen in the future, such as the return of dragons. It also extends itself to speak of others who will support the 12 new Heroes in their fight against the forces of Darkness, from simple farmers or merchants to powerful knights and strong leaders.

All this revolves around the Saviors and their personal mission to reforge their Divine Blades, the only weapons capable of harming the Eyeless One. Critbringer and Bossender are their names. The swords were shattered into seven shards each and scattered throughout Aetheria. Once the Blades are reforged, the Heroes can take the fight to the Eyeless One's personal citadel, and finish the war once and for all.



And so shall it be: in these perilous times, two Saviors shall descend from the Sacred Light and drive the Veil of Darkness to each corner of the world. One Savior shall take the form of a young Human man. He represents all that Earthly and Known. The other shall arrive in the form of a young Sylph woman of most enchanting beauty. She represents the Unearthly, the Unknown. Alas, our Saviors walk a difficult path, for their Divine Weapons, forged by the White Shepherd and blessed with Sacred Light, were all but destroyed during the Second War. Only when their shards have been reunited can each Weapon be fully reforged. In addition to our Saviors, five Beings shall be Chosen by the Light:

1) A villager displaying incredible creativity and insight, with compassion for all life. He shall take up the sword and become not only a Warrior but a supreme Tactician of the highest skill. Although his power comes from within, the Sacred Light shall assist him in the form of Luck. He is a champion of the Overworld.

2) Three animals displaying the highest bravery in the face of great danger and loyalty to their friends. The gender and form of each animal are Unknown. They shall be blessed with higher intelligence and begin to take on the aspects of monsters. The first of these Chosen animals shall seek to meet and serve the first Chosen Being. These animals are champions of the Nether.

3) The third Chosen Being is entirely Unknown, although it is Known that this Being shall be most bizarre in nature. It serves as a champion of the End.

Know this: as the Darkness continues to spread across our World, our Saviors must seek to reclaim the fragments of their Divine Weapons, for these blades are the only two Divine Weapons remaining after the Second War. The rest, destroyed by The Eyeless One, are entirely beyond repair. Before all else, our Saviors shall head to the Capitol of our World, known as Aetheria City, where they shall learn of past knowledge and train themselves, for their energy has been drained upon their long voyage here. Soon thereafter, the Great War shall truly begin between the forces of Light and Darkness.


We do not know much about this chapter other than that it exists, and foretells the siege of Villagetown in some form.

The People involved in The Prophecy

The Two Saviors


The Chosen Beings

Champion of the Overworld

Unknown (No direct or indirect mentions have been made who the champion is.)

Champions of the Nether


Champion of the End



Besides the Saviors and Chosen Beings, there are a large number of descendants from the original 12 Heroes during the 2nd Great War that will also play a role in the Prophecy. It is unclear how their role is different from ordinary people.

Public Knowledge and Opinion

There has so far been no complete records of the Prophecy, and those that are aware of it generally pretend that they know less than they actually do, such as Kolbert and Brio (Ezael Stormblood). Some, such as Grayfellow and Brio (Ezael Stormblood), did not believe in the Prophcy before presented with evidence. However, not many people know about the Prophecy. Almost none of the residents of Lavacrest and Villagetown are aware of it.