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The Tomb of the Forgotten King is a dungeon located nearby Owl's Reach. The dungeon is locked, and only those with its key can enter, as a Protection Flag makes any other way impossible. The dungeon contains a vault known as the Vault of Emerillion. This is the first dungeon Runt and Breeze cleared (WV14-15/8BW5).


This dungeon a mix of puzzles and combat, requiring one to use both their weapons and wits in order to pass.

  • The first room has the adventurer kill various mobs (mostly zombies), dropping the loot down a nearby shaft to activate the door and pass through.
  • The second puzzle is similar, instead of having the adventurer drop loot down to a nearby shaft, it tests their archery skill by having them shoot another pressure plate.
  • The third room is a lethal guessing game, with a long hall filled with pressure plates. One misstep, and the ceiling comes crashing down, crushing anything over one meter in height.
  • After those and a challenge of passing through a series of cobwebs, the adventurer will stumble into a series of vast chambers, where they'll fight mobs all the way up to the boss room, and into the waiting arms of a Nethersoul, a massive zombie with high melee damage.

Some of the boss loot, as seen in Wimpy Villager 15/Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior 5, consists of a Golden Cow with Prosperity III, a Bed of Roses with Goodnight I, an Enderpouch with Pocket III, and a Dragonskull Helm with Resilience VI. According to S, the items generated are random, so the items above are just examples of boss loot.

The Nethersoul also drops a quest item, vital to the current war in Aetheria, the Sapphire Flame, which is used to light a beacon at a temple at the top of the Spines of Ao, the tallest mountain range in Ardenvell, a difficult challenge. Once the beacon is lit, it is said all the villages around the continent will know to start preparing for war.