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Urf was an elder from Villagetown. He was selected at first to teach their students combat, but he proved himself incapable as their teacher as he has a very low combat score and was unskilled. This was revealed when he bragged about how he hit a Zombie with a stick once. When he is asked if the Zombie died, he replied, "No, but it became very, very angry." (This stick is later found in his inventory.) He was then referred to as "The Great Bearded Noob" by Runt. As Runt understands, he was the "noobiest noob to ever step foot in Villagetown."

Steve came out of depression and proved himself in front of the whole village. Urf was then removed from his job. He made combat guides as a way of taunting Steve.


Urf was one of the elders from Villagetown. When Villagetown added a Combat class, Urf was chosen to teach. However, he was very incapable of the job, with a combat score of just 7, so Runt complained. After Steve proved himself capable, he got fired. Angry at Steve, Urf started making combat guides which portrayed Steve as a noob. Steve, angry at Urf, quit and was replaced by Drill. At this point Urf got really mad so he was secretly giving information to Herobrine. Later, after the second battle at Villagetown, Urf defected, bringing with him half of Villagetown's treasury.

In this time Urf learned the Nethermancer class and became a very strong general in Herobrine's army.

Later Urf was seen stalking Breeze and Eeebs, as told by Eeebs that they were being followed by a myserious villager in red robes.

After that Urf was seen in The Tomb of the Forgotten King, presumably following Breeze and Runt, In the final room. He enjoys the thought that he could kill all three of Villagetown's finest warriors, Runt, Breeze, and Pebble, in one go right there. He soulshifts into the boss Nethersoul, and Runt, Breeze, Pebble, and S fight him. Urf is finally finished of by Breeze's Ult, Quietus. After the Nethersoul is defeated, it is unknown what happened to him. All his items are there, so he might have died. However, when you soulshift, you respawn nearby with all your items. It is presumed that he may have used Hide and threw down his weapons in a fashion similar to Breeze.


Urf has a very bushy beard and thick eyebrows. He wears a blue robe but traded it out with a red gown and cap (and sunglasses) after joining Herobrine's army.


Most of the time, as a villager, he tried to act like he was a great warrior and such, but in reality, he was meek, feeble, and weak overall. However, after becoming a general in Herobrine’s army, he became very serious and calm.


Netherforged Gown - Controller I Flameweaver l

Fey Cudgel - Stun ll

Series Timeline



Shaking with anger from the humiliation of being replaced by a human, and stung by the snickers the students gave behind his back, he received a vision from Herobrine, who offered him a place in his ranks. Urf jumped to the offer, defecting from Villagetown in hopes of earning power and respect.

Earn them he did apparently because, after months of training by Herobrine's students, he set out to spy on his former village. He followed Runt and Breeze to Owl's Reach. Somehow, likely through spying, he knew that Runt and Breeze would go the Tomb of the Forgotten King. He summoned and buffed monsters to harry them. When Runt, Breeze, S, and Pebble got to the boss room, he fed the boss a diamond wafer for massive buffs and trapped Runt, Breeze, S, and Pebble in the boss room. There, he taunted them, gave Nethy a regen five potion, and cast Soul Shift on the boss, taking control of it and attempted to end them once and for all. It should be noted that Urf could have easily destroyed them if he had simply let them fight the boss, and while they were distracted, summon huge amounts of undead mobs, but his ego got the better of him.

Thankfully for his victims, Breeze used Quietus to rip away his remaining health, sending him to the 99th dimension (Cube Kid, however, said on the discord server Urf lives); It was also the moment that an assault on Etherly Keep was won by the Knights of Aetheria, apparently due to the undead garrison losing buffs provided by their master.

Urf's name might come from the Arabic word (Urf: العرف‎) meaning knowledge and recognition. This is to reflect his great knowledge as an elder, and his recognition.