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I'm IncredibleFlameBurst, whew. That's kinda long if you ask me... I like the animated series; Wakfu. (Hence the profile picture.) I've just recently made an account, so if i don't know a lot, please don't judge me. Chao!
5/20/2020~ I've been trying out blender recently, so if you have any tips, I'd be happy to hear them, I'm still a newbie at blender. (But FYI the Blender Version I'm using is 2.8.) Chao!

5/20/2020~ I know there's a blog... But nah... I tried some blender things, as is my new profile picture. But I still think that SPYs profile picture is better.

10/20/2020~ Heyo, I just made a template for spoilers, not sure if this wiki already has one... But who cares, I did something with my life!

12/17/2020~ Heyo chiefs, it's IFB. As you know this wiki has been pretty stagnant in terms of edits and actively lately. So I'll be taking a break for a while, at least I'll still be active, however much less so. You can probably catch me on some other wikis. Although I am working on a project as of late. So see you all when CK releases the new book!

12/18/2020~ It turns out that the {{CollapsibleH2}} template does not accept the {{Spoilers!}} template, so enjoy the annoying the problem for now.

2/2/2021I realize that I've been on this wiki since 2018, so dang, it's been a while.

8/11/2021It's been a long, long while my friends. We all know that things aren't all too active on this wiki, so, for the time being - I'll most likely be inactive. I got work to do, thanks. Anyhow, I cannot guarantee my return, although I can guarantee that I may be on every once in a while. Chao.

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Editing Tips

This article contains spoilers.
Proceed at your own risk.

The {{Spoilers!}} is a template that I made to label the pages that might contain spoilers to the series. Now of course this could be applied to almost every page, but there's <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsible"></div> for hiding certain text that may contain spoilers, at least until someone clicks on the Expand button. You have been enlightened.

This article is a stub in the Aetherian Wiki. If you see any way it can be improved, feel free to contribute.

The {{Stub}} is a template that HappyTheApple made. If you find a page that is lacking information, please put this template on there and put the page in the Stubs Category. That'll mark the page as an unfinished page or one that requires more information.
Some more tips and tricks. When typing something in source editing, you can put {{PAGENAME}} to make whatever the page name is appear there. That's how I made the {{Spoilers!}} template so it would show the name of the page it was on. Likewise, there is also {{SITENAME}} which would be replaced by the name of the site, in this case the Aetherian Wiki.

But wait, there's more - you can also put <nowiki></nowiki> to make any wiki formatting, such as {{Stub}} or {{Spoilers!}} appear as they would on source edit. You can add <br> to make breaks in the paragraph that you are typing, instead of just inserting a space, then another space, then anoth... You get it.


So when you see this you have to understand that if you type |header= "text" or |content= "text" you'll essentially make a collapsible "div" which is exhibited in this user page and on some other pages. This is mainly because I got lazy when typing "mw-collapsible" and such, so, yeah. Now you got this. There are two variables that you have keep in mind, which as mentioned above, are header and content, which you can put the information in which need to put in. In the end you would use it as this: {{CollapsibleH2|header=hey|content=heyo, it's IncredibleFlameBurst}}. Make sure you put "}}" at the end of it all.


That is an example of a font color template I made so you don't have to type <font> a lot. You would {{Color|1=red|2='''HEYO'''}} to get what you got above, a bit of reading between the lines you'd probably understand.

Other Information

Unorganized Introduction

I try to use Blender at times, and I know it's pretty hard to grasp it. Once you start, if you really want to spend your time here, I'll explain some controls of Blender (this is 2.8 and up, not 2.79). First of all, you'd want to make sure you have a compatible GPU, else things will become - errr... very slow. On top of that, try to optimize rendering time. Meaning adjusting the samples that are taken and such. Since people get different GPUs, it's hard to give exact advice on that, but I can suggest changing the tiles for CPU to 32 by 32 and for GPU, 128 by 128 or larger. Don't ask why, but those ratios are the best for rendering. In addition, you should study photo-realism, because that will affect your performance in Blender and can make your renders more realistic.

I also suggest getting the Node Wrangler add-on, the Image Plane add-on. To mention a few. Those have really helped, mainly because you have to go into the material tab and mess with the Image Texture... The Image Plane add-on is just helpful okay? Furthermore, there are also a lot of hotkeys that you will need to memorize. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of them once you use Blender enough.


Middle Mouse To rotate on the origin or focus if you are in local view, unless you've already moved the origin in local view.
Middle Mouse+Shift Moves the origin of focus, in local and world view.
Tilde+Shift Can move the camera view around like you are playing Minecraft, sorry I don't have a better explanation for it.
Forward Slash You have to select an object or collection to enter local view, which means you can only see what you have selected. Useful for editing one object if hard to reach.
0-9 (on the numeric keypad) Changes the view of the object, useful for editing.

Object Manipulation

Left-Mouse Click This cancels whatever action you are doing, as long as you haven't clicked on anything else, this would revert it to what the object was like before the action.
Right-Mouse Click Selects and object.
S key Scale selected object.
G key Move selected object.
R key Rotate selected object.
S key + X/Y/Z key Scales selected object on the X axis, Y axis, or Z axis depending on which one is clicked.
G key + X/Y/Z key Moves selected object on the X axis, Y axis, or Z axis depending on which one is clicked.
R key + X/Y/Z key Rotates selected object on the X axis, Y axis, or Z axis depending on which one is clicked.
S key + X/Y/Z key + Shift Scales selected object on all the axis, except for the one specified.
G key + X/Y/Z key + Shift Moves selected object on all the axis, except for the one specified.

R key + X/Y/Z key + Shift Rotates selected object on all the axis, except for the one specified.

Rapid-click on the discord icon in the app 15 times and it'll say "Discordo!".
The more you copy your account username, the more discord freaks out.
Sometimes you can get the remixed discord call theme.

You know that you can navigate to 'Settings' and look for 'Join Hypesquad' and then do the small survey, in which case you'll get one of the badges. (Which are Balance, Bravery, Brilliance)

I only tolerate your existence.